100wc In the flash of lighting

I was sitting on the back deck at night when I saw it shooting across the sky it lit up the whole night sky. It made me blink twice, it was a shooting star gone in the flash of lighting. But there were more, one two three maybe fifty of them. All dashing across the sky. It was bright as ever. I ran inside to tell my sister but she was sound asleep. Lucky me!

BTN weedy sea dragon




-Weedy sea dragons are related to seahorses

-You can find them on the south and east coast.

-They are very close to being endangered.

-Will they become endangered?

-Were there any at the aquarium we visited today?

-We must look after our sea life so our ocean’s stay buzzing  with life.


100wc newspaper hands

“Hey, hey you.”

I turned around but there seemed to no one there.  Anyway I sat there eating the rest of my burger.

“Yeah you!”

There appeared to be a pair of  newspaper hands talking to me, actually talking to me!

Hi,”  I muttered.

“Hi do you mind sharing your burger ?” it replied.

“Um sure ,” I replied.

I passed the hands some of my burger .

“More than that!”

I passed it the rest of the burger and it somehow a bite strangely since it didn’t have a mouth.

“Hey there’s not enough mustard!” it murmured.


How many devices people own at home

    This show that most people have 5 devices.

I chose a bar graph because it’s clear and easy to read and shows my data clearly.


 This is my graph on how many devices people own,and use at home.

1 devices: 1

2 devices:2

3 devices:3

4 devices: 3

5 devices:4

6 devices: 1

7 devices:1

8 devices:0

9 devices:3

9+ devices: 3


Btn Wipe out Waste





-This school sorted their waste into different categories.

-Each class had 3 bins and sorted it into compost, recycle, reduce.

-Their goal is to reduce waste.

How has this impacted their school?

How long has the school been doing this?

All schools should do something similar in the hopes it will change how much waste we use



I was sitting on the edge riverbank when I heard a shriek. I turned around to see a crocodile waving the young girl around like a rag doll. It put the girl down and scurried away. I run up to the young girl to see a wide, gaping hole in the girls orange top. She seem to have collapsed . I searched for hours looking for help but it seemed within the whole riverbank. But it was to late, the girl had died. It started off a normal day but it ended with a tragic ending…

Gross 100WC

I just couldn’t eat something so moldy. It’s smell made my nostril hairs flare up, just the sight of it made me cringe. The smell was  like it had been left out in the sun for weeks. There was more mold on it than actual food. I could barely even look at it. It looked as  if people had been stepping  on it for days. It was just gross, no more than gross, obnoxious, foul, nauseating.  It was hard to imagine that it was actually food. I just couldn’t eat that sandwich.

Pet therapy




Pet therapy helps calm people down.

Recently they’ve been using cats to calm young people down

They also use it on elderly people and people in hospital.

Why is pet therapy so effective?

What do pets to calm people down?

Animals are extremely helpful to humans in many ways. 

BTN A ninth Planet





–  There might be a ninth planet.

– They want kids to look though some of NASA’s photos and if see we’ll spot anything.

-They suspect the ninth planet is in the kuiper belt (a huge line of objects rotating around the sun.

– Is there a ninth planet in our solar system.

– If so, will we find it.

– Earth is a very, very small part of our universe and there are millions of planets yet to be discover.


It was the best day of my life…

I woke up to the birds singing, and the sun just peeking over the horizon. Whats that smell? I hurried down the stairs, it was pancakes! I stuffed them in my mouth and dashed out  the door. On the way to the bus stop noticed something on the ground it was, it was a 100 dollar note. As I was getting closer to the bus stop I noticed  a sign. Jerry’s limousine service will be filling in for your usual bus service. I hoped in and rode to school.  I guess it’s  just my lucky day!

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