Youtube vs Netflix

YouTube is by far my favorite over Netflix. Trust me its sooo much better.

YouTube is free compared to Netflix  which can be up to 40$ a month, YouTube has the same amount of content if not more. For us kids we can barely scrape out 5$ from our parents, how can we afford up to 40$ a month!

Also YouTube has a much wider range, from entertainment to how to fix a laptop (you can’t get that on Netflix). There are constantly new things on youtube, some youtubers upload everyday. YouTube 50 times as much content as Netflix possibly more.

YouTube is educational! I know my teacher puts on a lot of YouTube videos. You can learn how to train your dog or how to fix a car. Its so easy to find new information on YouTube.

Its  a no brainer, YouTube is my favorite, is it yours?

Flash ” But then the flash” 100wc

It was school picture day, dreaded school picture day. It was my turn, the stupid thing was, once they had taken your picture that was it they would not take it again. So I tried to look cool and do cool pose, but the then  flash made me sneeze!

” Please take another shot PLEASEEEEE,” I begged.

“Next.” he said in a stern voice like he was used to people like me. Why me,  why can’t be cool and have a cool yearbook photo.

So the annoying camera  flash made me sneeze and have by far the worst year book photo.

By the way the story was exactly 100 words!

Joseph bryant refflection

1 Themes are abstract nouns.

The main concepts of this story are; loss, love, friendship illness & death. You can clearly see it when Charlotte finds out he has cancer:

But I soon snapped back into reality once Joseph told me that he had cancer. 

“Oh my goodness, congratulations Joey!”

She clearly didn’t know what he meant.

2 Themes are important human issues. 

The important human issue in this is the importance of finding a cure for cancer. After reading this the author wants you to think about what it’s like to be in her shoes, what its like to grieve and loose someone you love. You can see were the author wants you to see this when:

And Joseph Bryant, my fifth grade sweetheart, is the reason why I know the true definition of love.

The first line is represents the idea of the importance of love.

3  Stories apply to many readers

I think the concept in this story that applies to many readers would be loss everyone has lost something. Also the people who truly connect with this story would people in a relationship, people who have experienced death of someone close and more mature people. you can see this when:

I would not ever cry more than I did that night. Loving someone that is gone forever is one of the hardest things you can do.

People who have experienced  this kind of loss will get something out of this story that others won’t .

Events represent ideas

I think there are 2 main figurative concepts  in this text:

Make the most of things when you have them

Don’t take anything for granted.

Its clear here; Three years went by. Three painful years of visiting Joseph every single day in the hospital. Well, almost everyday; sometimes he was too sick for me to visit.  The idea of love really ties into the whole story.  I think everybody  can relate to those 2 things deeply.

 5 Experience evolves in patterns

The repeating pattern in this text is how she continues to visit him most days in hospital even though his conditions continue to decline

He struggled and watching him struggle was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. But towards the end, I could see him slowing down.  

You can tell how much she cares about him from this pattern of visiting everyday even though she knows its getting worse.

6 Fiction is instructional

The message on  the theme loss, would be you never know what its like to loose something until you’ve lost it. The message on the topic of love  would be, it always hurts to loose someone no matter how long you love them. And the message for friendship, would be a true friend cares for you in the darkest of times

Read like a writer story 2


Is it just me or does this book remind you of witches. I think the book is a take on witches, how its okay to be different and if you don’t like something you should do something you like even if its a bit cheeky.


I think in this story they followed the story mountain.  At the start they introduced how she was different and then towards the middle they talked about how it effected her at the end they found a solution to her problems and she found out about her past.


The voice in this story sounds stubborn childish, ignorant and also very mad. The voice in this story was clear and the writer did a really good job at showing what type of voice it was and was good at showing personality through voice.

Word choice

I think it was tier two language but I think it was still very descriptive. The word choice was great and hooked me into the story from the very start of the book.I definitely engaged.

Sentence fluency

The sentences flowed and there was a good mix of compound and complex sentences, you need both to have a good story and to make a story flow. The short sentences was mostly when Ania was talking.


This story was very well edited the grammar was good so was the spelling and punctuation. I could not find a single mistake through out the whole story . It was very good.

Read like a reader story 1


I predicted  when the teacher made her were the jumper she would cry and I was right. There are a lot of predictions to be made about the teacher and the students.

2- Question

In this book you could ask a lot of questions about the characters around her like why did Sylvia Saldivad choose to say it was Rachels, or  how  did the sweater get there?


You can infer that that Rachel was mad at but also thankful that  Phyllis Lopez owned up to owning the jumper. There are a lot of inferences to be made about how she feels

4- Connect

I think everyone can connect with this story because I don’t think anyone feels their age on their birthday, and shes right when she says you can cry like your 2 when your 22.

5 – Feel

I think everyone feels her pain in the story when the teacher makes her were the sweater. You feel her embarrassment.  The writer make this story emotional and meaningful.


My evaluation

This story was good because meaningful and people could connect to it. I would recommend this short story to other people. 4/5 stars. This book is interesting.

Project refflection





Sec 1

I did  a project on budgerigars and their adaptations with rowan, we did a power point, a model, a diagram and a experiment in the time frame of 2 weeks.

I think I did a well when working on my project. I  think my power point was informative and relevant to fact it was meant to be about adaptations, it think we did a good job including  Navigational features– Bibliography that includes more that 3 sources correctly set out; Headings and subheadings that assist in navigation of text; Glossary includes definitions of all tier 3 language.I think  we were creative when doing our model because we didn’t use clay like everybody else and still made it interesting. I liked our diagram it was realistic and colorful.  Also when drawing it I think we  carefully drew the diagram that uses labels to identify and explain key adaptations that are central to your species survival in the desert. Overall I think that I did a great job.

Three facts 

  • I found it surprising that in such a small amount of time we made such a detailed power point.
  • I was surprised that rowan and I worked so well together.
  • It was funny because when we chose our animal or plant we had no idea what the budgerigar  was  or even if it was plant or a animal.

Two understandings

  • I was very efficient.
  • That working in a pair can be difficult at times  


What would it be like if I got a different partner?


sec 2

Through out the term I learnt a lot (When doing the experiments and learning about camel adaptations). I think I learnt most when I was researching and working on my project because I had no clue what the budgerigar was before I started. I liked doing the class experiments I learnt a lot when I was doing them and they were really fun. `I liked how we actually did stuff and how it was interactive.  I also learnt a  ton of  stuff at the aquarium about adaptations of sea animals and animals in colder climates

This term I learnt a lot about adaptations and it was fun and I enjoyed doing my project and I think it was the best it could be.








How to make slime

          What you need

  • bowl 
  • something to mix with
  • liquid detergent 3-4 table spoons 
  • liquid PVA glue half a cup
  • glitter (optional)
  • food colouring (optional)


  • 1  pour glue into a bowl
  • 2 mix until you can see slight bubbles in the glue
  • 3  pour small amount of detergent in at a time
  • 4 mix vigorously and add glitter and food colouring 
  • 5  knead well



BTN Ear less dragon

  • Insight Recalls Question 
  • The ear less dragon is very rare and endangered.
  • Kid in a school in Canberra are making clay models.
  • They are putting the out the models and are seeing if their harmed,if not they’ll put them real ones their to try and rebuild their population. W
  • Why are they endangered?
  • Has it been working? 
  • We have to look after animals it’s very important.

Tic Tock it’s a frozen clock 2

Tick, tock it’s a frozen clock




Written and published by Eloise and Alexia

“Help, help!” I scream. I grab my phone ready to call the police. I tap on the
keyboard and slowly dial 0__0________________*. Before I could dial the last
number I felt a gush of wind behind me. I turn around. But before I could do
anything my window smashed and who or what escaped.

I ran into the living room and on the table lay a pocket watch the weird thing
was the hands weren’t moving. All of a sudden the face of the clock cracked. I
turned around to see someone in a black cloak behind me. “Why are you here? What
do you want?”

“I want the pocket watch.” he said firmly. I picked it up, it started vibrating
in my hands and the hands of the clock started to move.

“No!” said the man in the cloak. “It’s too late!” the TV started and I heard the
faint tick, tock of the clock again. I went to check on parents and they seemed
to be fine, or so I thought…

Tic Tock it’s frozen clock 1

Tick, Tock it’s a frozen clock


Written and published by

Eloise and Alexia

I wake up in the middle of the night to a tall, dark, hooded figure dashing out
of my room. I chase it down the long corridor, down the stairs but all I see is
the door slamming shut in my face. Should I wake my parents? I ask myself. I
walk into the kitchen and glance at the clock it’s flickering between 12:00 and
12:01. I walk into the living room and switch on the TV, its frozen! I grabbed
my phone, the same thing was happening, it was flickering between 12:00 and
12:01. What’s going on?

I try and search the web for how to fix a clock. Great! The internet’s down!

All of a sudden the power goes out!  I use my phone as a torch, go outside and
try playing around with the switch box, still nothing!

I go back inside to wake up my parents. I open the bedroom door. ”Mum, Dad,
someone broke into our house!” I walk towards them to realise that there faces
are frozen in time.

I turned down the corridor towards my bedroom. To my shock I see something
written on my wall. My eyes adjusted to the darkness, its blood! I read the
words aloud. It read:

Tick, tock it’s a frozen clock…

to be continued.

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