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kiluea eruptions reflection

kiluea eruptions reflection



Fact/summary- Recently on Hawais Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens there have been continuous eruptions and considerably large earthquakes.  The killuea eruptions have caused around 2000 people to evacuate and 26 home to be destroyed. Killuea is on of the worlds Most active volcanos as its been erupting constantly for 35 years.

Although the recent eruptions have had  no big outbreaks they are still extremely dangerous and residents have been told to evacuate if their home is 19km within the volcanoe. The eruptions have reached 1150c.

Hawaii defence agency have told the media that it’s not the time  for sightseeing  and that all nearby residents to stay away from affected areas.


Was this the  biggest eruption of killuea, if not what was?

Has president donald trump made any responses from the attacks if so, what?

UnderstandingI know understand how dangerous active volcanos can be and understand although places like Hawaii seem like paradise there is much more to it.


100wc (night zoo keeper story cover)

100wc (night zoo keeper story cover)


Goal- to continue on with my previous  piece, while still making this able to be read alone.


Please look at the linked 100wc as this 100wc  is continuing on from it;

100wc ( when did it arrive)


The last few days had been unusual, to say the least.  I had been exploring the evergreen forest behind my house to find a ship of some sort, at least that’s what it appeared to be.

It was a pandemonium. It was a room of animals.  It defied everything I knew of animals, they interacted playfully as though they could speak to each other, it was like the stories, mice and  lion playing together. I went up to the to pet the luscious tabby when I realised it was made of what appeared to be a substance almost like light. The tabby had a luminous glow, it was although it could speak to me.





Goal; to include suspense in my text

I was franticly runing through the misty wood, it was near, scared by the knowledge of what it had done painstaikingly I continued. Almost out of know where it’s piercingly shape teeth latched on to my shoulder leaving a crimson red stain. I looked back with a grave look in my eyes. I KNEW it would come back for me. I had to do something, anything. I shouted for help, I wasn’t surprised obviously no one came. I felt gutted there was almost nothing that I could do. I had to run, my shoulder ached but I went on, I HAD to.

btn ( hungry aussie kids)

btn ( hungry aussie kids)

Facts- Lately for many familes the soaring cost of living is making hard for some to have 3 meals on the table. Recently a charity called food bank relased some scary stats. Like; 1 in 5 kids have gone hungy in the last year, 18% go to school with no breakfast at least once a week, 11% with no dinner. Lately food bank have been extremely busy, recently a 7 year old came to them and had not eaten in the last 5 days. They’ve had kids that have eaten paper, because their parent said because they should as they had no food on the table.  Many moms go to food bank to get groceries as its the only way they can affor to have 3 meals every days. These  facts are very worrying and should be taken into consideration by the australia government. 

Understanding- I understand that even though we live in a country like australia their are still many who go without food and having lots to eat every day shouldn’t be taken for granted.


How do they run the food bank as its a non for profit orginisation.

Who run the food  bank?



Goal- To draw my readers in from the start.


As I nonchalantly frolicked about in the warm, inviting spring sun of the evergreen forest I notest something totally abnormal roming the forest. It was what appeared to be a giant, but what truly puzzled me was the fact that it was so immensely large its upper body seemed to disappear in mid air. It seemed to be made of some kind of copper yet to rust. I was in awe how could something of this scale exist! It was so breathtaking I didn’t notice piercing thumps coming from it. All of the sudden I realised it was heading straight for me.

Vikings btn

Vikings btn


One of the most profound stereotypes of Vikings is their extravagant horned hats. Yet this is NOT true, the horns got introduced in the 1800’s by theatre costume designer called Carl Emil Doepler.

The second fact is that Vikings took immaculate  care of their appearance and and it was more than common to always have tweezers, combs and weird tiny spoons to scoop out earwax on hand.

The final fact which lives up to its stereotype is that they are VERY good sailors and can almost flawlessly navigate the sea. This allowed them to form colonies across the globe.



Where did the myth about Vikings having pet dragons come from as it seems quite unrealistic?

Did Vikings ever ever come across Australia and if so did they ever settle here?



I know understand that Vikings have MANY untrue stereotypes that are far from realistic. I know know what Viking are really like and their many interesting facts (like priding their appearance!). 



I was on sinking ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no way to contact help.And Although I would love to say there was some miracle and out of no where a helicopter spotted us, that was NOT the case . I was the lone survivor of V.S Stirling, though there was a rescue boat I was the only one to swim to it in time . The rest of my crew drowned and  although they were quick, they were still not making enough progress . These few moment have haunt me to this day and it still gives me chills writing this to you know.



GOAL: to be as descriptive as

check in on my 2018 goals

check in on my 2018 goals

What I want to learn

  1. I want to learn more division strategies as I normally only use 1 and it will help me with more complex problems.
  2. I want to read more non fic texts as I normally abandon them and it will help me become more familiar with tier three language.
  3. I want to get better when writing to having one idea and sticking to it as one idea normally turns into another.

          How I will meet my goal

  1. Practice more division strategies so it’s drilled into my head and pay extra attention when learning division.
  2. Read more non fic in free time and get some recommendations from ant.
  3. Use things like a character web and use my plan as often as possible.



How I learn and behave

  1. Ask more questions in class as it will help me pay more attention remember what I need to do.
  2. Stay extra organised as this year I will have lots of extra school captain jobs on.


How I will meet my goal

  1. Ask questions with friends a lot and check over the task at hand in my head and see if I need to ask questions.
  2. Use my diary as much as possible and try and get into the habit of using one note.


Check in

In what I wanted to learn I think improved in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd goal .

I haven’t fully  achieved this goal as it wasn’t a focus in math this term to learn about  division. This term if divivision comes up in our foucus i want to make sure i get it right.


I have also achieved the 2nd goal to a significant extent , because I have incidentally been reading more and more news articles in my free time at home  and also when researching for my project this term i want  start some kind of biography (hopefully).

I have definitely  achieved the 3rd. I have been sticking to plans and have  completed 1 full story and published it and also am well on my way with the sequel to it. this term i want to complete the sequel to and not move on to another piece.


For the how I learn and behave section I think I’ve improved at both of them ( Asking questions in class and staying EXTRA organised),

In number 1 as I feel I have been always asking question and making sure i understand my work and have diffidently achieved it, this term i want to continue this and make sure i ask questions.


My infographic

My infographic

My infographic is about the separation of powers, why and how this is done in Australia’s government. I tried to work on my paragraph structure and make all of my paragraphs clear and understandable. I also tried to use tons of icons throughout my text. I think I did a good but could probably could of worked on maybe adding diagrams or captions throughout the text.

Who represents me

Who represents me

My electorate  is Maribrynong  and in the house of Representatives my  representative is:

Bill shorten

Position; Leader of the Opposition Party (Australian Labor Party)


The people representing me from the senate are:

Kevin Andrews, liberal

Adam Bandt, greens

Julia Banks, liberal

Andrew broad, nationals

Russel Broadbent, liberals

Anthony Byrne, labor

Kim Carr, labor

Daron Chester, nationals

Lisa Chesters, labor

Jacinta Collins, labor

Chris Crewther, liberal

Micheal Danby, labor




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