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Online webinar reflection

Online webinar reflection


Today all of 5/6 participated in an online webinar about staying safe and secure in the online environment. We looked at different types of scams like; fake friends trying to access your personal info, too good to be true adds and ransomware. We discussed different ways to spot if something may be a scam like:

  • no logo
  • no name
  • spelling or grammar wrong
  • pressure or urgency

Some stats are:

  • 12% of children (3-6s)  have experienced some kind of scam.
  • in 2017 people lost 90 million dollars via scams
  • over 60s are the most commonly scammed

What you can do:

  • download firewall and other similar protection systems
  • always have location/GPS services off
  • only be online friend with people you know and trust
  • think logically and systematically when online



They recommended that if you encounter a scam to report it and tell a trusted adult. And they also recommended kids helpline.


Letter to mum about government

Letter to mum about government

Dear mum,

At school I learnt about government ( and now I probably know more than you) Did you knew our country is a constitutional  democracy because the queen has somewhat of a say, and that we federated and made a constitution in 1901 this was all very much influenced by the US and England as they were some of the first successful parliamentary democracy’s . Because of this we have rights and freedom and speech and a stable government and live in  the great country  of today.

There are 3 levels of government federal, state and territory and local (we are a part of the Moonee valley city council).

A question I have for you is, who is in charge of our local government ( the Moonee valley ) and state government it would be great if you could answer that.

From Lexi.

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