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Online webinar reflection

Online webinar reflection


Today all of 5/6 participated in an online webinar about staying safe and secure in the online environment. We looked at different types of scams like; fake friends trying to access your personal info, too good to be true adds and ransomware. We discussed different ways to spot if something may be a scam like:

  • no logo
  • no name
  • spelling or grammar wrong
  • pressure or urgency

Some stats are:

  • 12% of children (3-6s)  have experienced some kind of scam.
  • in 2017 people lost 90 million dollars via scams
  • over 60s are the most commonly scammed

What you can do:

  • download firewall and other similar protection systems
  • always have location/GPS services off
  • only be online friend with people you know and trust
  • think logically and systematically when online



They recommended that if you encounter a scam to report it and tell a trusted adult. And they also recommended kids helpline.


kiluea eruptions reflection

kiluea eruptions reflection



Fact/summary- Recently on Hawais Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens there have been continuous eruptions and considerably large earthquakes.  The killuea eruptions have caused around 2000 people to evacuate and 26 home to be destroyed. Killuea is on of the worlds Most active volcanos as its been erupting constantly for 35 years.

Although the recent eruptions have had  no big outbreaks they are still extremely dangerous and residents have been told to evacuate if their home is 19km within the volcanoe. The eruptions have reached 1150c.

Hawaii defence agency have told the media that it’s not the time  for sightseeing  and that all nearby residents to stay away from affected areas.


Was this the  biggest eruption of killuea, if not what was?

Has president donald trump made any responses from the attacks if so, what?

UnderstandingI know understand how dangerous active volcanos can be and understand although places like Hawaii seem like paradise there is much more to it.


Btn ( eco friendly school )

Btn ( eco friendly school )


Fact- Recently Argentinian volunteers have been busy building the first economically friendly school in Argentina. It  is made with 25 000 kilos of rubish. They used 2000 tyres, 14 000 aluminium cans and 10 000 glass and plastic bottles. It made out of 60% recycled materials. This type of building is called  an earth ship. It sustains itself, which means its produces its own energy and water by collecting rain water and solar panels. 100’s of volunteers spent a month and a half building this school.

Questions- who’s idea was it to create these types of buildings and what is the name of the school? 

Understandings- I know understand that there are so many new and innovative ways to be economically friendly and that it can have a huge impact in the long run.


btn ( hungry aussie kids)

btn ( hungry aussie kids)

Facts- Lately for many familes the soaring cost of living is making hard for some to have 3 meals on the table. Recently a charity called food bank relased some scary stats. Like; 1 in 5 kids have gone hungy in the last year, 18% go to school with no breakfast at least once a week, 11% with no dinner. Lately food bank have been extremely busy, recently a 7 year old came to them and had not eaten in the last 5 days. They’ve had kids that have eaten paper, because their parent said because they should as they had no food on the table.  Many moms go to food bank to get groceries as its the only way they can affor to have 3 meals every days. These  facts are very worrying and should be taken into consideration by the australia government. 

Understanding- I understand that even though we live in a country like australia their are still many who go without food and having lots to eat every day shouldn’t be taken for granted.


How do they run the food bank as its a non for profit orginisation.

Who run the food  bank?

Vikings btn

Vikings btn


One of the most profound stereotypes of Vikings is their extravagant horned hats. Yet this is NOT true, the horns got introduced in the 1800’s by theatre costume designer called Carl Emil Doepler.

The second fact is that Vikings took immaculate  care of their appearance and and it was more than common to always have tweezers, combs and weird tiny spoons to scoop out earwax on hand.

The final fact which lives up to its stereotype is that they are VERY good sailors and can almost flawlessly navigate the sea. This allowed them to form colonies across the globe.



Where did the myth about Vikings having pet dragons come from as it seems quite unrealistic?

Did Vikings ever ever come across Australia and if so did they ever settle here?



I know understand that Vikings have MANY untrue stereotypes that are far from realistic. I know know what Viking are really like and their many interesting facts (like priding their appearance!). 

btn Governor General

btn Governor General


When we think of the most powerful person in Australia we probably think of the PM, but did you know there’s actually someone who FIRE the PM and they’re called the Governor General ( or GG). They represent the queen ( because we are a monarchy) and make sure the Prime minister is following all the rules. Although they have private jets and mansions that doesn’t necessarily mean they have it easy, they have to attend many events and shake LOTS of hands and of our previous GG’s attended at least one event every day for the whole time she was GG. And you know back in 1975 the GG John Kerr fired the PM Gough Whitlam, this caused a ton of controversy, so it fair to say its not a job to take lightly. 


Will a GG ever fire a pm again?

Who is our current GG?



I understand that being GG is a really important job even though they might not get much credit or publicity and is not a job to be taken lightly.

Democracy btn

Democracy btn




Long ago the ancient Greeks wanted to give their people a say I big decisions so they decided start the very first types of democracy, democracy is made up of two Greek words Demos meaning people and Kratos meaning rule or power, so put together was rule of the people. This democracy athough it was an extremely important part and was a revaluationay part of history, it wasnt fair, women, slaves and people who were considered as poor didn’t have the right to vote. Surprisingly enough thousands of men still voted and had the right to attend meeting. By the Middle Ages Europe started to use monarchs instead of democracy and disappointingly enough democracy started to fade away .Allthough some good things came out of monarchs in England, like the manga carta which seemed to make monarchy’s in great England slight more fair, it still wasn’t as fair as it could be. Currently we only have 2 absalute monarchs, Saudi Arabia and Qatar which are ruled only by king and queen, although there are many country’s like England who have a king and queen but also have a democracy and prime minister. Currently democracy is the most popular type of government , here in Australia we are a representative democracy in which we have politicians representing us in parliament, the politicians explain their veiws and what they want to happen and then all law abiding Australian citizens over the age of 18 vote on the politician with similar veiws as you. But there are many other types of Governments like dictatorships. For example in country’s like North Korea and Zimbabwe they have leaders who were either born in to the role of dictator of used force to become dictator in country’s of dictatorship the country’s citizens normally have very little rights and have very strict laws on what they can and can’t do.

I understand how ancient governments worked.

I understand the importance of democracy.

What made England ( in the Middle Ages) turn to monarchy?

Why are some places still in monarch ?

Safer internet day

Safer internet day

Today we participated in safer internet day, is my pledge.

    I pledge

  •  that if I’m a witness I will try to help the victim
  • I promise to practice empathy
  • I want to help all who need it
  • Think about my actions and haw they make others feel
  • I will try and make my online actions positive and happy
My literacy circles reflection on the giver

My literacy circles reflection on the giver

  • Written by Lois Lowery
  • 223 pages
  • 23 chapters
  • 9.5 stars
  • Fiction/ sci fi / futuristic
  • Characters (Jonas, Giver)
  • Setting- his community

I enjoyed this book as it was a  good insight on what life/ future could be like. Jonas lived an almost perfect life, but when he is selected as the receiver of memory (the memory of now days/ elsewhere as they call it, it all gets disrupted when he gets conflicting (good & bad) memory’s like (i.e war, ect). Him and the older receiver strongly feel that all should experience these memory. So Jonas decides to travel to elsewhere.

  • I thought overall this book was great 9.5 stars. One thing to work on maybe is to have a slightly less  abrupt ending.



Character Analysis

Character Analysis


All we know is he is a cat with fairly large ears.

They had a young boy with them and he came down to see me. He sat down by me and told me I had very big ears.

Towards the start we begin to relies he is some form of animal. We know this from how he acts and how comfortable he is in the outdoors.  Then at the end we find out he is cat from what the young boy (Ethan) says,

“Come on Sammie, here puss puss.

I don’t think there were any major changes in his physical form. I think being a cat is an important part of the story. I don’t he cares much about how he looks.

In my head I had imagined him to be a ginger cat. What colour did you think he was?


I think being a cat he is a lot smarter than other animals around him. I think if he was smarter he would have not been kicked out of his owner’s home and he probably would care more about being kicked out. But I think being a cat he is relatively dumb compared to the family in the story.


I had to walk around at night to get food for myself. People left food out at their back doors and I knew exactly where to go and find it.


I feel like this story is very fictional in the way the cat thinks in the story.  I think he is smart to have not gotten himself killed and not to have gotten run over by a car. I also think it smart of him to know where and how to find food



Overall he feels very well looked after. I think at the start he is not particularly happy because he got kicked out by his owner, but towards the end he gets a lot happier because of meeting the new family and he feels like he has a home. He feels like he truly has a home at the end, we can tell by how natural he acts.

They have become my forever family.




I sleep on his bed every night.

 He cares a lot about Ethan (the boy) we can from the last line.

“Come on Sammie, here puss puss puss. Come in, its cold outside.” And when he arrives home every afternoon he picks me up and cuddles me. He is worth purring for.


I feel like this cat is very resilient because he is still optimistic when he doesn’t have a home and when the family comes along that’s just a bonus for him.



He gets along the best with Ethan (the young boy) in the text. Sammie (the cat) chooses the family as his friends because they were kind enough to let him in.

He seemed nice and I heard his mum saying that I looked hungry. Soon after they left and came back with some food for me.


Then I saw the family.

The mum came in with a big comfortable looking box with a fluffy blanket in it.

I knew when the family all stood and looked at me that they wanted me to get inside the box. I jumped right in. Wow, I thought, I have a nice kind family. They all moved in that day.


These two paragraphs show how much they care about him. I feel like on the social ladder he feels like he at the top but really he is towards the bottom.

Of course I rule the roost, after all, I was here first, but I have no complaints.


Him having a family has a huge effect in the story because he doesn’t have to live outside in the cold.



I feel like this character wants to do great things in life and wants to be the best he can be. I feel like he just wants to do well in life and make the right choices, this effects how he looks at opportunities. If he wants to do well in life I think he will make the right choices. And will live a positive happy life.

I also think he is a very grateful cat and doesn’t take things for granted.

Wow, I thought, I have a nice kind family.

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