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Astronmy video reflection

Astronmy video reflection


The Babylonians invented one of the worlds first callenders, it was a mathematical model in which they could record huge amounts of astronomical events and was even used to time business transactions. They may have invented theses things, all though they did not do it purely for science, they actually did it for horoscopic reasons. 

The mayans where just as Intrested in astrogy as well and had a interest in horoscopes as well. But unfortunately all of their documents and texts were destroyed by Spanish conquistadors. We do know that they created the Mayan long count callender which involved the base 20 number system this meant they could predict the rotation of the planets they used this for horoscopes and astrology. 

In Rome a Greek astronomer by the name of tallemy, his most famous work was the Ptolemaic system, it stated that earth was the center of the univer this was proven to be obviously wrong. Also hipparticus ( considered to be worlds most famous astronomer) he recorded many stars and invented the procession of the equinoxes, the term for the earths wobble on its around its axis.




Why did tallemy think earth was the center of the universe?

How did hippaticus discover the procession of the equinoxes?



I know now that we take for granted simple  like callenders or  simple knowledge about space, and that if ancient astronomers didn’t figure these things out we might not of had callenders ect.



Term 4 goal reflections and new goals

Term 4 goal reflections and new goals

So far in semester two, I think I’ve achieved most of the goals I set semester for semester two.  We covered most of the subject (division, questioning, ect) I had in my goals. In reading, we worked on questioning and the system of thinking of deep questions which have helped me formulate questions with structure and method like stated in my goal we did things as a class like reading a chapter of the class book and writing deep questions on the board.

For Math, I clearly achieved my goal of learning division strategies as that was our main focus in math I learnt two different methods of long division which were both accurate and efficient. I solved many problems and am even able to accurately calculate division involving decimals.  As a class, we did a lot of division work in out hotmaths book.

In writing, I think I achieved writing understandable speeches ( for all knowledge levels) as in debates we had to write prepared speeches which I got positive critique on and am also much more comfortable on writing speeches which helped me with my goal.

For my final goal, to take my time with my work,  I think was achieved as I’ve felt less rushed in tasks like homework.  I also did my high school testing which I felt much less rushed in as a result of my goal.


This term I want to achieve : 

  • For Maths, converting percentages, fractions, and decimals and to learn an accurate strategy  to do so
  • For reading, to have deeper more meaningful reflections than previous terms
  • In writing, I want to get better at revising my stories and noticing little things I need to change before taking it to teachers
  • For personal goals, I would like to become more efficient and  less chatty around friends during class time.
BTN (Cape Town water crisis)

BTN (Cape Town water crisis)

FACTS- As humans we depend on water, and for most we don’t think about how much we use. For people in Cape Town (experiencing a seemingly endless drought) water is scarce. They only get 50 litres a day that’s barely enough to get you through the day.

  • dishes and laundry, 18 litres a day.
  • 90 second shower, 15 litres.
  • 1 toilet flush, 9 litres.
  • Washing your hands, 3 litres.
  • Cooking, 2 litres.
  • Drinking water, 2 litres.
  • 1 dog bowl, 1 litre.

Thats 50 litres gone and if want to have everyday luxuries like a long shower or even going to the toilet more than once a day you’ll be in a predicament.

QUESTION-Who controls the water? Do certain people- like their Prime minister get more water?  

UNDERSTANDINGS -I now understand that we shouldn’t take water for granted. And in some countries they barely have enough water to do what we consider day to day things.



BTN (is Africa going to split)

BTN (is Africa going to split)

Facts- Africa’s recent cracks suggests alarming news- Africa may be starting to split into two. After heavy rainfall huge cracks appeared, supporting the fact that due to the huge fault line through the middle it may split into two in 50-100 million years. It’s more than 15 meters deep and 15 meters wide. It’s growing at a rate of 2.5 centimetres. Rifts like these are the beginning of continental breakup so this theory is very plausible. 

Questions- Are there any rifts like this in Australia?  Could Australia break apart?

Understanding- I know understand that continental drift is always happening and that fault lines and tectonic plates are very connected to continental drift.

Btn (lab meat)

Btn (lab meat)

 Facts- Recently there have been some major breakthroughs in the meat industry.  This is pretty big news as Australia ranks in the top 10 countries that eat the most meat. In labs across Australia, they’ve figured how to make meat without having to harm animals. Basically, they take cells from animal blood and a serum full of nutrients and after a short period of time it should eventually turn into muscle tissue and from there it would turn into meat. But it doesn’t come cheap the first one took 400 000 dollars to make, they say that soon that we’ll be seeing this meat in stores. Although some farmers don’t think its fair to call this meat, meat, as they think it not meat as it doesn’t come directly from meat. 

Questions- Who thought of the idea of this type of  meat ?  Why making meat this way work?

Understanding- I know understand that there is more than one way to make meat and also that there is also vegetarian and vegan options for people who want to eat meat.  


Online webinar reflection

Online webinar reflection


Today all of 5/6 participated in an online webinar about staying safe and secure in the online environment. We looked at different types of scams like; fake friends trying to access your personal info, too good to be true adds and ransomware. We discussed different ways to spot if something may be a scam like:

  • no logo
  • no name
  • spelling or grammar wrong
  • pressure or urgency

Some stats are:

  • 12% of children (3-6s)  have experienced some kind of scam.
  • in 2017 people lost 90 million dollars via scams
  • over 60s are the most commonly scammed

What you can do:

  • download firewall and other similar protection systems
  • always have location/GPS services off
  • only be online friend with people you know and trust
  • think logically and systematically when online



They recommended that if you encounter a scam to report it and tell a trusted adult. And they also recommended kids helpline.


kiluea eruptions reflection

kiluea eruptions reflection



Fact/summary- Recently on Hawais Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens there have been continuous eruptions and considerably large earthquakes.  The killuea eruptions have caused around 2000 people to evacuate and 26 home to be destroyed. Killuea is on of the worlds Most active volcanos as its been erupting constantly for 35 years.

Although the recent eruptions have had  no big outbreaks they are still extremely dangerous and residents have been told to evacuate if their home is 19km within the volcanoe. The eruptions have reached 1150c.

Hawaii defence agency have told the media that it’s not the time  for sightseeing  and that all nearby residents to stay away from affected areas.


Was this the  biggest eruption of killuea, if not what was?

Has president donald trump made any responses from the attacks if so, what?

UnderstandingI know understand how dangerous active volcanos can be and understand although places like Hawaii seem like paradise there is much more to it.


Btn ( eco friendly school )

Btn ( eco friendly school )


Fact- Recently Argentinian volunteers have been busy building the first economically friendly school in Argentina. It  is made with 25 000 kilos of rubish. They used 2000 tyres, 14 000 aluminium cans and 10 000 glass and plastic bottles. It made out of 60% recycled materials. This type of building is called  an earth ship. It sustains itself, which means its produces its own energy and water by collecting rain water and solar panels. 100’s of volunteers spent a month and a half building this school.

Questions- who’s idea was it to create these types of buildings and what is the name of the school? 

Understandings- I know understand that there are so many new and innovative ways to be economically friendly and that it can have a huge impact in the long run.


btn ( hungry aussie kids)

btn ( hungry aussie kids)

Facts- Lately for many familes the soaring cost of living is making hard for some to have 3 meals on the table. Recently a charity called food bank relased some scary stats. Like; 1 in 5 kids have gone hungy in the last year, 18% go to school with no breakfast at least once a week, 11% with no dinner. Lately food bank have been extremely busy, recently a 7 year old came to them and had not eaten in the last 5 days. They’ve had kids that have eaten paper, because their parent said because they should as they had no food on the table.  Many moms go to food bank to get groceries as its the only way they can affor to have 3 meals every days. These  facts are very worrying and should be taken into consideration by the australia government. 

Understanding- I understand that even though we live in a country like australia their are still many who go without food and having lots to eat every day shouldn’t be taken for granted.


How do they run the food bank as its a non for profit orginisation.

Who run the food  bank?

Vikings btn

Vikings btn


One of the most profound stereotypes of Vikings is their extravagant horned hats. Yet this is NOT true, the horns got introduced in the 1800’s by theatre costume designer called Carl Emil Doepler.

The second fact is that Vikings took immaculate  care of their appearance and and it was more than common to always have tweezers, combs and weird tiny spoons to scoop out earwax on hand.

The final fact which lives up to its stereotype is that they are VERY good sailors and can almost flawlessly navigate the sea. This allowed them to form colonies across the globe.



Where did the myth about Vikings having pet dragons come from as it seems quite unrealistic?

Did Vikings ever ever come across Australia and if so did they ever settle here?



I know understand that Vikings have MANY untrue stereotypes that are far from realistic. I know know what Viking are really like and their many interesting facts (like priding their appearance!). 

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