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Safer internet day

Safer internet day

Today we participated in safer internet day, is my pledge.

    I pledge

  •  that if I’m a witness I will try to help the victim
  • I promise to practice empathy
  • I want to help all who need it
  • Think about my actions and haw they make others feel
  • I will try and make my online actions positive and happy
Safer internet day

Safer internet day

Today we watched/listened to a webinar and it outlined how to be safe and responsible on the internet. We learnt that you should always turn your profile setting on private other wise people can hack your account and find out your personal information. Not having your privacy settings on mean s you will have a much larger digital footprint.

The behaviors they talked about online were should never hurt people online and always be responsible. Should NEVER give out your personal information e.g address, phone number, e.t.c. If people found out your personal information they could stalk or hack you. If someone does do that then tell a trusted adult immediate. If someone does hack and finds out your personal information then they could post your personal information on your page like you posted it. If you aren’t 100% sure of who they are then immediately tell  a TRUSTED adult.

People can set up a fake identity and use someone else profile picture and pretend to be someone there not. You can’t tell who people are online that why you should always be very careful what do put up online.



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