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100wc- they are exhausted

100wc- they are exhausted

Slam poem-

Homework,  almost universally dreaded

Students, Given short periods of time,

They are exhausted, yet expected to produce high standards of topics crammed into theirs minds

Dance, soccer, martial arts,

Why aren’t we encouraged to persue our passions in our free time

Instead we a pushed to write a reflection each week

Almost Always about a topic that to most is bleak

Now I’m not saying stop it all in general

But you can always look at how Finland’s doing

To me they seem just fine

And in my humble opinion thats how we get students to shine

btn (space travel)

btn (space travel)

Fact- Around the late sixties the interest in heading to space had sky rocketed. Russia launched the first human to space his name being Yurie Gagarin travelling there in the Vostok 1. Suddenly America took interest it this and launched the first people on the moon. Then they built the international space station (ISS). Now we have so many ideas about space trips like getting humans to mars by 2030 and even filming a reality TV show in MARS. Businesses like virgin galactic and other companies have talked about making commercial trips to space (costing 300 000 to 400 000 dollars). 

Question- why haven’t humans started to live on the moon already?

Who’s Idea was it to send people to space?



I now know that people have so many ideas about space travel and we have so many possibilities for what’s to come in the future.


100wc (we seemed to be on televisions)

100wc (we seemed to be on televisions)

We had safely escaped the government facility. All 15 people safe and rested. Our group, a group of seemingly average people, made it out. Our screams as we sprinted down the long white corridors. The black badged guards chasing us. With the punishment of death on the table forfeiting was not an option. When we got back to the central city we would have to hide in plain sight. That was until we realised that we seemed to be on televisions all around the country. Our supposedly perfect plan was now far from plausible and our chances of success now halved we were disheartened.


100wc (Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty)

100wc (Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty)

Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

It was the night of graduation, and like all the other petty school girls I had gotten a dress. It was yellow with a mint green floral print. I remember running into the graduation hall with a huge grin on my face. Greeting me was Ella halls the annoying rich kid, ‘ Where did you get your dress, target, anyway I don’t speak to gorilas, bye love’

My heart sank, the feeling of pretty suddenly gone, I ran into the bathroom stalls staring at the dark blue brick hoping no one would come and find me. 

100wc w4 (t4)

100wc w4 (t4)


She was lucky not to be executed, how dare one slyly disregard my authority. I remember her look of terror as slave 372 slipped on the white metal cuffs, it gave me pleasure watching the bloody marks the cuffs left, her pale hands fumbling.

She was oblivious to my position as leader and obviously did not respect my status.

‘Clean my desk,’ I roared.

’Why,’ her pale blue eyes confused.

BECAUSE I SAID SO!’, my eyes filled with rage.

Shaking my head in disbelief I beckoned gaurds  ordering the rest of her youth and mature life to be a mute slave.

Solar system video reflection

Solar system video reflection

This text was about the solar system:

  • There are 4 gas giants and 4 terrestrial planets
  • Mars has a mountain 26km high 
  • Venus temperature never drops below 476 degrees due to its out of control greenhouse affect
  • Jupiter is the largest planet with 67 moons and a storm 3 times the size of earth 
  • Saturn is the second largest and is the least dense of them all
  • Uranas is the third largest and but is by far the coldest 
  • Due to Neptune being so far from the sun a year on that planet is 164 earth years
  • The sun is made up of hydrogen and helium 
  • There are two belts of asteroids in our solar system


How do find out specific statistics on other planets if we’ve never gone there and (other than mars) have no rovers there?

Why is earth and other terrestrial planets so much smaller than gas giants?


I now know many facts about the solar system and understand that its a complicated place and that earth is just like a spect of dust in our Milky Way, ect. 

Btn mars rover

Btn mars rover

This video was about a rover called curiosity. It was one of the fist rovers landers on mars. It was equiped with drills to take samples from mars’ surface and even a high powered laser. It took 8 months or 200 day to get curiosity to mars, and curiosity had to withstand 16000 degrees during the journey and that wasn’t event the hardes part. The seven minutes of terror was- you had 7 minutes slow down curiosity 20 000 degrees to 0 and safely land the rover on mars in one piece. Australia also had their part to play- satellite disks in Canberra were used to replay files from curiosity as well. 


Who designed curiosity primarily?

How many people did it take to complete this mission? 



I leanrnt from watching this video is that there are so many things that have to take place before humans can inhabit mars and get rovers there is just a small but important part.


Astronmy video reflection

Astronmy video reflection


The Babylonians invented one of the worlds first callenders, it was a mathematical model in which they could record huge amounts of astronomical events and was even used to time business transactions. They may have invented theses things, all though they did not do it purely for science, they actually did it for horoscopic reasons. 

The mayans where just as Intrested in astrogy as well and had a interest in horoscopes as well. But unfortunately all of their documents and texts were destroyed by Spanish conquistadors. We do know that they created the Mayan long count callender which involved the base 20 number system this meant they could predict the rotation of the planets they used this for horoscopes and astrology. 

In Rome a Greek astronomer by the name of tallemy, his most famous work was the Ptolemaic system, it stated that earth was the center of the univer this was proven to be obviously wrong. Also hipparticus ( considered to be worlds most famous astronomer) he recorded many stars and invented the procession of the equinoxes, the term for the earths wobble on its around its axis.




Why did tallemy think earth was the center of the universe?

How did hippaticus discover the procession of the equinoxes?



I know now that we take for granted simple  like callenders or  simple knowledge about space, and that if ancient astronomers didn’t figure these things out we might not of had callenders ect.



…it reminded me of a time when… 100wc

…it reminded me of a time when… 100wc


I looked at the lavishly decorated shop,  with elegant silk curtains and stocked with antique toys, barbies and plush stuffed animals, …it reminded me of a time when having ornate figurines and toys was the norm. Now these are deemed As useless fragments of sentiment. It reminded me of a time when having money to afford these things was the majority. I scanned the hazelnut brown shelves  fantizing about one day posseing one. The loud buzz of the floaters hovering along the road snapping me back into my simple little reality.


Term 4 goal reflections and new goals

Term 4 goal reflections and new goals

So far in semester two, I think I’ve achieved most of the goals I set semester for semester two.  We covered most of the subject (division, questioning, ect) I had in my goals. In reading, we worked on questioning and the system of thinking of deep questions which have helped me formulate questions with structure and method like stated in my goal we did things as a class like reading a chapter of the class book and writing deep questions on the board.

For Math, I clearly achieved my goal of learning division strategies as that was our main focus in math I learnt two different methods of long division which were both accurate and efficient. I solved many problems and am even able to accurately calculate division involving decimals.  As a class, we did a lot of division work in out hotmaths book.

In writing, I think I achieved writing understandable speeches ( for all knowledge levels) as in debates we had to write prepared speeches which I got positive critique on and am also much more comfortable on writing speeches which helped me with my goal.

For my final goal, to take my time with my work,  I think was achieved as I’ve felt less rushed in tasks like homework.  I also did my high school testing which I felt much less rushed in as a result of my goal.


This term I want to achieve : 

  • For Maths, converting percentages, fractions, and decimals and to learn an accurate strategy  to do so
  • For reading, to have deeper more meaningful reflections than previous terms
  • In writing, I want to get better at revising my stories and noticing little things I need to change before taking it to teachers
  • For personal goals, I would like to become more efficient and  less chatty around friends during class time.
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