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BTN weedy sea dragon

BTN weedy sea dragon




-Weedy sea dragons are related to seahorses

-You can find them on the south and east coast.

-They are very close to being endangered.

-Will they become endangered?

-Were there any at the aquarium we visited today?

-We must look after our sea life so our ocean’s stay buzzing  with life.


Btn Wipe out Waste

Btn Wipe out Waste





-This school sorted their waste into different categories.

-Each class had 3 bins and sorted it into compost, recycle, reduce.

-Their goal is to reduce waste.

How has this impacted their school?

How long has the school been doing this?

All schools should do something similar in the hopes it will change how much waste we use


Polar Ice Caps Melting

Polar Ice Caps Melting

Recalls Green

-Questions pink

-Insight blue

-In the late 18th century sailors wanted to get from Europe to China but the didn’t want to have to sail around all the contents to get to china so they took the north passage(a passage through the north pole).

– It turn out the ice was to thick back then to travel through.

– Hundreds of sailors died.

– Will scientists and if so when will they do something about the polar ice caps melting?

-What cane we do about the ice caps melting?

– My insight was that the ice caps are melting rapidly and we must do something about it before its to late.


Anh Do and his Experience as a Refugee.

Anh Do and his Experience as a Refugee.




Brief summary-black


This video was about how Anh Do fled Vietnam to create a better life in Australia.

–  Anh Do survived two pirate attacks, the pirates dangled his brother over the ship but     in the last minute sparing  his brothers life, his brother actually became the 2005           young Australian of the year.

–  A German ship rescued Anh Do and his family.

–   Once in Australia they were welcomed by two nuns from st Vinnies , they gave them      a bag of clothes, but somewhere in the process getting misunderstood and gave             them boy and girl clothes when in fact they had two boys.

–   Why did the pirates spare Anh Do’s  brother?

–   How long till the German rescued them?

–  I admire Anh Do’s  sense of gratitude and his humble nature, he displayed a positive attitude during tough situations as a child and was always humble and kind.


This weeks BTN reflection

This weeks BTN reflection

This video was about how Australia’s colonies joined to become a federation.

Australia was founded in 1770 by Captain James Cook. The British set up colonies, by 1850 there were 6 colonies, it was like they were different countries they had their own defence forces, their own railway systems and their own trade policy’s . But eventually they decided to join forces, meaning they would have a bigger defence force.

But the colonies with larger populations ( Victoria, New South Whales) were worried they’ed have to give lots money to to the smaller colonies ( Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia) and the smaller colonies were worried that the larger colonies would have too much power. Finally they all agreed that each colony  would have the same amount of senators so the smaller colonies wouldn’t be out numbered.

On July the 9th 1900 great Britain decided to let the colonies go, later on, on 1st of January 1901 they became a federation, the commonwealth of Australia.



The first video is from the aboriginal’s perspective and how the first fleet were taking over the land and in that process bringing strange items/animals (Cow) from England. They thought the white people (ghost people) and their ways were strange.


The second was from the English perspective   and how the needed the land to fit all of their convicts. The conditions on the ship were horrible and many would die on the voyage to Australia.

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