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100wc We were moving very fast when

100wc We were moving very fast when

In the cork scramble we were moving very fast when we where trying to get all the corks it was exhilarating and by far the most fun event I participated in. We are currently not sure what we placed as they have not been revealed yet. Because I was sick on the day that was one of the few events I participated in. When I got chosen by the Lawson captains to participated in it I was super happy. I think this was a great last swimming carnival (because I’m in year six) and will miss coming to all of them.

100WC The body

100WC The body

Red   Before    Clock   Cycled

Before  the death I had never seen the color  red, in the society color is forbidden  it is deemed unnecessary  and useless . As  I cycled home I noticed something unfamiliar on the side of the road, a motionless body, I noticed how the white tunic he was wearing was stained red, at the time I didn’t even know such a color existed and was shocked life in the society is supposed to be perfect. I looked at the clock on my bike curfew was almost up. I had to leave. But who was the body!

100wc (picture)

100wc (picture)

I know all,

yet I’m trapped.

I hear all,

but I’m yet to speak.

I see all,

yet I live in a world of darkness.

I’m rarely roam,

yet you tend to always fall into my traps.

You feel me coming,

yet you don’t hear or see me.

I known by all,

yet no one has met me.

I lived for hundreds of years,

but I’m yet to age.

I’m always lurking,

yet I rarely strike.

You might think you know who I am,

The boogie man,

The monster lurking under your bed,

no I am fear, fear it self.





Transition session #1 100WC but where would we hide it all

Transition session #1 100WC but where would we hide it all

But where would we hide it all the streamers the balloons and what about all the presents!!! A surprise party is not a surprise party if it’s not a surprise!! Jenny was turning 10, her first double digits, this party had to be BIG, and when I say big I mean huge  ! We had invited all of her closest friend, i.e 50 people, all fifty of them, and did we mention her huge ( and I mean huge) family, cousin bill, uncle tom and what about granny Fiona . Also we haven’t made the chocolate cake yet and the party is tomorrow, tomorrow!



But were would we hide it all, the gun, the body, the  knife. We had never meant to kill her, we were just protecting ourselves. It was over and done with before had known what happened. I remember pulling the trigger and hearing a defining bang.   Even now the memories are still clear and vivid in my mind, I hear screams, gunshots and cries of pain. I remember the mortifying sight of her eyes rolling to the back of her head. I can’t comprehend it, what will we do??

100wc As the door slammed I knew

100wc As the door slammed I knew

My little sister Jess and I don’t usually have fights, but today was different. Today she stormed into my room looking furious. As the door slammed I knew she was upset.

“You broke my teddy!” she squealed.

“No I didn’t,” I replied.

“Look,” she said holding it up.

“Well I didn’t do it, maybe it was the dog ?”

” We don”t even have a dog!” she said shaking her head in disappointment.

“GIRLS WHATS WRONG.” mum shouted from the kitchen.

“Nothing,” we replied in unison.

The mystery of the broken teddy bear continues to this day, the culprit  was never found.

FYI it was a hundred on the dot.😁





I was in a damp, cold lake slowly drowning . My clothes were slowly starting to soak through completely. My breaths were getting shorter and shorter my heart beat getting slower and slower as time went on .  I was rapidly sinking. Swallowing large gulps of water. The murky water was deep and on going, I was getting tired of struggling against the strong current. Searching for breath. I am fully underwater, slowly fading away. The ice cold water fully consuming me. I was drowning.



It was the latest news, scientists bottling rainbows!

My dad was working on bottling rainbows, and it was on the news! But they had said it had failed miserably this can’t be true, can it?

“Dad is it really true, about you miserably failing when trying to bottle rainbows,” I said.

“Well yes and no, … yes, we tried to bottle to much rainbow at once and then it just…. exploded,” he replied.

“Can you try again?” I asked.

“Well we kind of have to move on,” he said.

“But you can’t just stop,” I replied.

2 years later

” Scientists have successfully  bottled rainbows!” said the news reporter.


100WC Then Suddenly it went Dark

100WC Then Suddenly it went Dark

I was happy as can be, walking my dog in the park. I cheerfully patted him on back, then suddenly it went dark, it was as if someone had just turned of the sun! It was a solar eclipse, apparently these were supposed to be once in a blue moon experiences! I was trying to make the most of it but my dog was barking like crazy, and I tried to cheer him up by giving him a treat. It wasn’t working, then all of the sudden the sky was light  again. Thank goodness!

As it came rushing towards us 100wc

As it came rushing towards us 100wc

It was my birthday and we were opening one of my many presents with my sister Jessie, it was weird how it had lots of little holes in the top and it was slightly shaking, me and my sister opened it and we saw  the cutest most fluffy dog. As it came rushing towards us we  knew to call it spot, because of the huge spot on its nose. He licked me and patted it gently on the nose.

“I’ll call you spot,” my sister said in a welcoming tone.

Bark it said approvingly

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