It was the latest news, scientists bottling rainbows!

My dad was working on bottling rainbows, and it was on the news! But they had said it had failed miserably this can’t be true, can it?

“Dad is it really true, about you miserably failing when trying to bottle rainbows,” I said.

“Well yes and no, … yes, we tried to bottle to much rainbow at once and then it just…. exploded,” he replied.

“Can you try again?” I asked.

“Well we kind of have to move on,” he said.

“But you can’t just stop,” I replied.

2 years later

” Scientists have successfully  bottled rainbows!” said the news reporter.


100WC Then Suddenly it went Dark

I was happy as can be, walking my dog in the park. I cheerfully patted him on back, then suddenly it went dark, it was as if someone had just turned of the sun! It was a solar eclipse, apparently these were supposed to be once in a blue moon experiences! I was trying to make the most of it but my dog was barking like crazy, and I tried to cheer him up by giving him a treat. It wasn’t working, then all of the sudden the sky was light  again. Thank goodness!

Spot As it came rushing towards us 100wc

It was my birthday and we were opening one of my many presents with my sister Jessie, it was weird how it had lots of little holes in the top and it was slightly shaking, me and my sister opened it and we saw  the cutest most fluffy dog. As it came rushing towards us we  knew to call it spot, because of the huge spot on its nose. He licked me and patted it gently on the nose.

“I’ll call you spot,” my sister said in a welcoming tone.

Bark it said approvingly

100WC Sea lions

I think it’s very important we look after sea lions as their population is declining in Australia at 14,700  . This is due to us polluting their waters and due too climate change .  They are currently endangered in Australia.

Did you know?

1- They can swim up to 40 kph

2- Can live between 20-30 years

3-  Females weigh between 95 – 181 kg

4- Males weigh between 270 – 360 kg

5 – They eat many fish some are anchovies and herring samon



  • The sea lions scientific name is Otariinae
  • Babies sea lions are called pups



100WC Cushion     Scarlet     Annoying    Watered    Violin

Cushion     Scarlet     Annoying    Watered    Violin

My name is scarlet, I play the violin, I’ve been deaf since the age of four. I have an annoying little brother, Micheal. My mom is divorced and owns a cushion shop. I try to help her as much as I can but it can become quite a challenge being deaf. I am slowly learning sign language. My room is small filled with minimal furniture. I have a small cactus in the corner and it hasn’t been watered in 4 months. And my dog died last week. Yet through all of this I’m still happy.

100wc In the flash of lighting

I was sitting on the back deck at night when I saw it shooting across the sky it lit up the whole night sky. It made me blink twice, it was a shooting star gone in the flash of lighting. But there were more, one two three maybe fifty of them. All dashing across the sky. It was bright as ever. I ran inside to tell my sister but she was sound asleep. Lucky me!

100wc newspaper hands

“Hey, hey you.”

I turned around but there seemed to no one there.  Anyway I sat there eating the rest of my burger.

“Yeah you!”

There appeared to be a pair of  newspaper hands talking to me, actually talking to me!

Hi,”  I muttered.

“Hi do you mind sharing your burger ?” it replied.

“Um sure ,” I replied.

I passed the hands some of my burger .

“More than that!”

I passed it the rest of the burger and it somehow a bite strangely since it didn’t have a mouth.

“Hey there’s not enough mustard!” it murmured.



I was sitting on the edge riverbank when I heard a shriek. I turned around to see a crocodile waving the young girl around like a rag doll. It put the girl down and scurried away. I run up to the young girl to see a wide, gaping hole in the girls orange top. She seem to have collapsed . I searched for hours looking for help but it seemed within the whole riverbank. But it was to late, the girl had died. It started off a normal day but it ended with a tragic ending…


It was the best day of my life…

I woke up to the birds singing, and the sun just peeking over the horizon. Whats that smell? I hurried down the stairs, it was pancakes! I stuffed them in my mouth and dashed out  the door. On the way to the bus stop noticed something on the ground it was, it was a 100 dollar note. As I was getting closer to the bus stop I noticed  a sign. Jerry’s limousine service will be filling in for your usual bus service. I hoped in and rode to school.  I guess it’s  just my lucky day!

Stuck up in the tree

This was the stunt that was going to make me coolest kid in school I was drive my mums car of a ramp do a three-sixty and land it. Today is my day to make history, I drive the car up the ramp 90 KMS/ph. My heart is pounding if I land this I will be forever known if I don’t I’ll die. The wheels leave the ramp, I’m flying!

“James, James!” the whole crowd is chanting my names I suddenly realize their not chanting my name to cheer me on, their chanting my name to warn me about the tree I’m heading towards.

I’m stuck up in the tree.

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