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Month: December 2018

100wc- they are exhausted

100wc- they are exhausted

Slam poem-

Homework,  almost universally dreaded

Students, Given short periods of time,

They are exhausted, yet expected to produce high standards of topics crammed into theirs minds

Dance, soccer, martial arts,

Why aren’t we encouraged to persue our passions in our free time

Instead we a pushed to write a reflection each week

Almost Always about a topic that to most is bleak

Now I’m not saying stop it all in general

But you can always look at how Finland’s doing

To me they seem just fine

And in my humble opinion thats how we get students to shine

Btn-Slam poetry

Btn-Slam poetry


  1. for slam slam poetry to sound good it had to be read with passion
  2. it can be funny but can also be about very important topics
  3. no specific rules, the writer can write about whatever interests them


  1. when did slam poetry become popular?
  2. who invented slam poetry?


  1. Same style of poetry that the  poet Price Ea uses.


  1. I learnt that slam poetry is a very cool type of poetry and that it has a lot to do with how its read.


Edison will spin 90 degrees right then move 5 cm and then spin 180 degrees left then move forward 3 cm and then turn right 90 degrees forwards 7cm spin left 90 degrees then 180 degrees then forwards 5cm he will then go 90 degrees right and left 360 after he will walk 4 cm turn his lights on wait 10 seconds turn his lights off the move forwards 20cm.

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