Solar system video reflection

Solar system video reflection

This text was about the solar system:

  • There are 4 gas giants and 4 terrestrial planets
  • Mars has a mountain 26km high 
  • Venus temperature never drops below 476 degrees due to its out of control greenhouse affect
  • Jupiter is the largest planet with 67 moons and a storm 3 times the size of earth 
  • Saturn is the second largest and is the least dense of them all
  • Uranas is the third largest and but is by far the coldest 
  • Due to Neptune being so far from the sun a year on that planet is 164 earth years
  • The sun is made up of hydrogen and helium 
  • There are two belts of asteroids in our solar system


How do find out specific statistics on other planets if we’ve never gone there and (other than mars) have no rovers there?

Why is earth and other terrestrial planets so much smaller than gas giants?


I now know many facts about the solar system and understand that its a complicated place and that earth is just like a spect of dust in our Milky Way, ect. 

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