Btn mars rover

Btn mars rover

This video was about a rover called curiosity. It was one of the fist rovers landers on mars. It was equiped with drills to take samples from mars’ surface and even a high powered laser. It took 8 months or 200 day to get curiosity to mars, and curiosity had to withstand 16000 degrees during the journey and that wasn’t event the hardes part. The seven minutes of terror was- you had 7 minutes slow down curiosity 20 000 degrees to 0 and safely land the rover on mars in one piece. Australia also had their part to play- satellite disks in Canberra were used to replay files from curiosity as well. 


Who designed curiosity primarily?

How many people did it take to complete this mission? 



I leanrnt from watching this video is that there are so many things that have to take place before humans can inhabit mars and get rovers there is just a small but important part.


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