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Day: September 21, 2018

Narrative project

Narrative project

We had it so great back in San Francisco, bustling streets cute petite shops. After we lost dad we lost it all, we live on a seemingly ancient farm In the middle of nowhere, I travel a grueling 2 hours to get to a bleak girls school. Why couldn’t my life be normal, I had been driven to plain mind teasing insanity.

When they came it was sudden and brutal, we fought with our hearts pounding in our chests. Once they had left there was a weight lifted off our shoulders. Our eyes filled with panic, letting the past events sink in. I remember scraping their lime green blood out from under my nails.  I heaved little Edison onto my throbbing shoulders.

‘Are they coming back,’ he squeaked.

‘I don’t know,’ I said glancing at the crimson horizon.

Their brutal and careless way’s leaving us scarred not only physically.

They came back later, that time taking Edison. Their strobe sticks leaving us covered in dark blue tendrils.

We always knew Edi was different, eccentric, on the spectrum? But we didn’t think it would be use to freaking alien life!? We still don’t fully comprehend why he’s s a part of the pure ones, and why they freakin’ stamped it on his arm.

Me mama and Edi were having supper when we saw their bright light and heard the loud whirring ship. That time they were more brutal and had little to no sympathy. Their tall thin figures clutching their sticks with focus. They headed straight for Edison almost not noticing me or mum. A taller broader shouldered one latched onto Edison.

He wailed in pain.


‘Let go,’ she screamed her eyes glazed over with tears.

The thing gave what resembled a smirk to its companions, I grabbed Edi’s free leg and welled up all my power to yank him away just for one of the things fingers to slip off. My legs ached. One by one my fingers started to come loose, my hand slipped. I may’ve lost his grip but I was determined not to lose him. My ears rung and sweat dotted my freckled forehead. He was steps away from the ship by the time we had time to react, by the time we had caught up their blindingly bright ship was meters off the ground.

We mopped into the house staring at our bland half eaten food. We didn’t dare move, we mopped into our rooms. Loneliness was like a big black blanket, a blanket of fear and sadness, it frayed at the edges from it becoming my only resort, it blurred out my hearing. This blanket instead of warming wrapped you in a bitter numbing cold.

Later we woke to the soft crimson sun rising, rather than my now familiar white noise I heard mumbles,

‘Delta project, subject 2895’ said the voice.

I stumbled out the front door dragging my robe along the floor. It was Edi lying on the ground.

I went to touch him but he banged his he and thrashed his arms.

‘Get off me,’ he said with a cold stare almost emotionless.

‘Who are you!’ all the blood rushed from my face realizing the fact he didn’t recall who I was.

‘I’m your sister’






Of course, he got better week by week, memory’s trickled in one by one. He’ll never be the same but certain bits of early childhood are blocked out, but maybe that’s how it should be.

With my sudden surge of memory over I walk into the therapist’s clutching Edi’s hand.

We’re at our lowest low here, I glace at the seemingly ancient therapist his eyes wrinkled around the corners. I read the brushed brass sign reading his name, Dr Ufo.  How ironic.

He looks at me,

‘It’s pronounced you-fo’, his voice dry and cracked.

I glace at the rhythmically ticking clock, hoping time would stop and things would go back to how they were, cute petite shops and bustling streets.

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