100wc (pink, river, cook, nervous)

100wc (pink, river, cook, nervous)

Goal- to experiment with new tone


I can’t believe he’d do that, we’d been together for 3 weeks and out’ve nowhere he decides that I’m not the one, says that I’m too much of a petty princess, how dare he. I slip on my fluffy pink slides and stroll down the stairs, my mascara smudged from the constant rubbing of my eyes, from the river of tears I created. I head into the kitchen and try to cook myself some 2 minute noodles, too nervous to attempt to make anything else. I stuff the bland rubbery strands into my mouth getting smudges of crimson lipstick on them.

One thought on “100wc (pink, river, cook, nervous)

  1. Lexi
    Great work setting yourself this goal- it certainly is a different voice to most of your writing.
    Keep up the awesome work!

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