100wc (picture)

100wc (picture)

Goal – To use suspense to slowly draw in my reader

It was my place of refuge. The only place where I had freedom. They accepted me there, I wasn’t a danger to the human kind.   I’m not monster.  Everyday I sneak of and to enter the small portal. Its paradise. I’m accepted, I’m part of the norm. I can use my so called mutation in peace, I can train and practice and for once I’ve made a friend.

‘You’re with us now,’ they told me and unlike the at home they stayed by my side. They didn’t lock me up and torture me. I was free.


One thought on “100wc (picture)

  1. To Lexi,
    Wow! I think you totally nailed your goal. I love how you told us enough to make it memorable but kept us thinking and wondering also.
    Excellent use of italics and varying sentence lengths.
    I will be looking out for your writing in the future.
    Keep it up!
    Mrs Horan
    Team 100WC, Morrinsville, New Zealand

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