100wc ( when did it arrive)

100wc ( when did it arrive)


Goal- to use the prompt in new and interesting way

I was always know as a curious and tenacious kid. Some times for better and sometimes for worse. I was always exploring and wandering the evergreen forest behind my house. Usually the most exiting I would see would be a fox. But today was not the usual. I saw some kind of ship, it look futuristic and not like anything I had seen before. It was  made out of some white substance almost like glass. Many questions flooded my head, where was it from, who made it, when did it arrive on earth. It was in awe, what was this?

3 thoughts on “100wc ( when did it arrive)

  1. Well done Alexia, you have taken a different approach to this week than many others so this is very original! I like how you describe the ship as like glass!

  2. Hi Alexia,

    I really like your piece. You certainly did use the prompt in an interesting way. Your descriptive words and verbs are wonderful and add an excitement to the piece.
    One tip- make sure you proof read before you submit so there aren’t any grammar errors. “It was in awe” instead of I and I was always “know” instead of known.
    Keep up the good work and maybe this week’s prompt will allow you to continue your piece…
    Ciara *(Team 100)

  3. Hi Ciara,
    Thanks so much, I will definitely work on it. You’ve given me a great idea for this weeks prompt.

    Alexia 😁😁

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