Goal- To draw my readers in from the start.


As I nonchalantly frolicked about in the warm, inviting spring sun of the evergreen forest I notest something totally abnormal roming the forest. It was what appeared to be a giant, but what truly puzzled me was the fact that it was so immensely large its upper body seemed to disappear in mid air. It seemed to be made of some kind of copper yet to rust. I was in awe how could something of this scale exist! It was so breathtaking I didn’t notice piercing thumps coming from it. All of the sudden I realised it was heading straight for me.

One thought on “100wc

  1. Lexi,
    well done on working so well towards your goal. I really love the way you constantly push yourself to experiment with interesting vocabulary and phrasing. It certainly was a fine example of grabbing your audience straight away.
    There are a couple of spelling errors I spotted (noticed & roaming)-Keep an eye on that when you reread
    Well done

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