My SRC speech

My SRC speech

Hi I’m Lexi, I’ve been going to this school for 7 years now and I’ve been lucky enough to participate in SRC for 2 years. As school captain it’s me and zedikai’s job to run them so I am already SRC and can’t actually run for SRC but here’s my speech anyway. I believe I would be a great SRC rep for our class as I show the 3 things you need to be SRC ; ROCC, Loyalty and leadership.

These values are so important to have as a SRC rep as they are our schools values and as SRC you have to be able to represent our school. I believe I show ROCC in my day to day life at school and try my best to show these values and set an example for the younger students. I’m not perfect and all though I’ll make mistakes I’ll always try my best.

Being loyal is a key part to being a SRC. To be loyal you have to stick to your word and be loyal. In ancient japan making and promise is a big thing and you would go so far to risk your life to keep it. We all though I guess we don’t have to risk our lives to keep a promise it’s still just as important you try to keep it.

Leadership is made up of a lot of things and is a hard quality to possess. You have to be fair, organised, loyal and so much more. I feel like I can do most of the things you need to be a good leader and to be a SRC you need to have some leadership skills as it a main component as SRC.


Although I can’t run for SRC thanks for listening to my speech and see how I would make a great SRC.

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