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This BTN was about young leaders day, empowering young leaders and what they had to say about important topics that they believed in .

Most successful leaders have the empowering  way they talk and the fact that they can connect with the people they talk to in common. 

Great leaders also have in common the fact that they lead by example and aren’t afraid to be the first at something.

Some kids put together videos and speeches about important topics like homelessness and bulling

I understand how important empowering young kids is.

I also understand how what sorts of things make a good leader.

Young leaders day is important it allows children to feel empowered and lets them have a say. 



Democracy btn

Democracy btn




Long ago the ancient Greeks wanted to give their people a say I big decisions so they decided start the very first types of democracy, democracy is made up of two Greek words Demos meaning people and Kratos meaning rule or power, so put together was rule of the people. This democracy athough it was an extremely important part and was a revaluationay part of history, it wasnt fair, women, slaves and people who were considered as poor didn’t have the right to vote. Surprisingly enough thousands of men still voted and had the right to attend meeting. By the Middle Ages Europe started to use monarchs instead of democracy and disappointingly enough democracy started to fade away .Allthough some good things came out of monarchs in England, like the manga carta which seemed to make monarchy’s in great England slight more fair, it still wasn’t as fair as it could be. Currently we only have 2 absalute monarchs, Saudi Arabia and Qatar which are ruled only by king and queen, although there are many country’s like England who have a king and queen but also have a democracy and prime minister. Currently democracy is the most popular type of government , here in Australia we are a representative democracy in which we have politicians representing us in parliament, the politicians explain their veiws and what they want to happen and then all law abiding Australian citizens over the age of 18 vote on the politician with similar veiws as you. But there are many other types of Governments like dictatorships. For example in country’s like North Korea and Zimbabwe they have leaders who were either born in to the role of dictator of used force to become dictator in country’s of dictatorship the country’s citizens normally have very little rights and have very strict laws on what they can and can’t do.

I understand how ancient governments worked.

I understand the importance of democracy.

What made England ( in the Middle Ages) turn to monarchy?

Why are some places still in monarch ?



Hello This is you president I am here to tell you about breaking news, recently all round Australia random stick like figures have been popping up, we are not sure who they are or what  any of them what. There are 14 of them each in different states. They seem to be made out of oak wood twigs and are all between 1 -2 metres  tall. So far it’s safe to say stay in your home until we have further notice.

Thank you all , this is your president Alexia kyriacou reporting live from Canberra.


My SRC speech

My SRC speech

Hi I’m Lexi, I’ve been going to this school for 7 years now and I’ve been lucky enough to participate in SRC for 2 years. As school captain it’s me and zedikai’s job to run them so I am already SRC and can’t actually run for SRC but here’s my speech anyway. I believe I would be a great SRC rep for our class as I show the 3 things you need to be SRC ; ROCC, Loyalty and leadership.

These values are so important to have as a SRC rep as they are our schools values and as SRC you have to be able to represent our school. I believe I show ROCC in my day to day life at school and try my best to show these values and set an example for the younger students. I’m not perfect and all though I’ll make mistakes I’ll always try my best.

Being loyal is a key part to being a SRC. To be loyal you have to stick to your word and be loyal. In ancient japan making and promise is a big thing and you would go so far to risk your life to keep it. We all though I guess we don’t have to risk our lives to keep a promise it’s still just as important you try to keep it.

Leadership is made up of a lot of things and is a hard quality to possess. You have to be fair, organised, loyal and so much more. I feel like I can do most of the things you need to be a good leader and to be a SRC you need to have some leadership skills as it a main component as SRC.


Although I can’t run for SRC thanks for listening to my speech and see how I would make a great SRC.

100wc We were moving very fast when

100wc We were moving very fast when

In the cork scramble we were moving very fast when we where trying to get all the corks it was exhilarating and by far the most fun event I participated in. We are currently not sure what we placed as they have not been revealed yet. Because I was sick on the day that was one of the few events I participated in. When I got chosen by the Lawson captains to participated in it I was super happy. I think this was a great last swimming carnival (because I’m in year six) and will miss coming to all of them.

100WC The body

100WC The body

Red   Before    Clock   Cycled

Before  the death I had never seen the color  red, in the society color is forbidden  it is deemed unnecessary  and useless . As  I cycled home I noticed something unfamiliar on the side of the road, a motionless body, I noticed how the white tunic he was wearing was stained red, at the time I didn’t even know such a color existed and was shocked life in the society is supposed to be perfect. I looked at the clock on my bike curfew was almost up. I had to leave. But who was the body!

My goals

My goals

What I want to learn

  1. I want to learn more division strategies as I normally only use 1 and it will help me with more complex problems.
  2. I want to read more non fic texts as I normally abandon them and it will help me become more familiar with tier three language.
  3. I want to get better when writing to having one idea and sticking to it as one idea normally turns into another.

          How I will meet my goal

  1. Practice more division strategies so it’s drilled into my head and pay extra attention when learning division.
  2. Read more non fic in free time and get some recommendations from ant.
  3. Use things like a character web and use my plan as often as possible.



How I learn and behave

  1. Ask more questions in class as it will help me pay more attention remember what I need to do.
  2. Stay extra organised as this year I will have lots of extra school captain jobs on.


How I will meet my goal

  1. Ask questions with friends a lot and check over the task at hand in my head and see if I need to ask questions.
  2. Use my diary as much as possible and try and get into the habit of using one note.


Safer internet day

Safer internet day

Today we participated in safer internet day, is my pledge.

    I pledge

  •  that if I’m a witness I will try to help the victim
  • I promise to practice empathy
  • I want to help all who need it
  • Think about my actions and haw they make others feel
  • I will try and make my online actions positive and happy
Letter about Me

Letter about Me

Hi ant,

I’ve never been to smith’s beach, all though it sounds great my absalout favorite beach would have to be rye beach as we have a beach house in rosebud and go there all the time! We went there over the holidays alot and spent new years there. Its really fun and this year I’m having my birthday party there with all my friends! I’m turning 11 in two weeks, my birthday is on the same date as the school swimming carnival.

Did you know that I’ve been to — different countries Fiji, Japan, Thailand, Bali, Lebanon, Dubai, Syria and in september this year I’m going to Cypus, the Greek Islands, Italy and maybe France!!!


I have a sister in year 3  called Ellena, you might of met her. She is 8 and loves everything that has to do with hair styling all though she can be annoying at times I still love her. My Mum is called rima, she the best, she’s   is an account manager for a large company called Toll ( it transports things for big buisnesses like Mersedes Benz and Nike). My dad is called mark and I love him alot he is a labourer, he worked on site Eureka tower and lots of other big high rise’s, currently he is building a high rise called the Auroa which will be 90 something story’s tall.

I absaloutley LOVE Japanese food, my favorite type is wagu beef it sooo good, my whole family loves it but its deffinetly me and my dad who love it the most. Over the holidays we went to this super high end dessert bar, I got chocolate shaved Ice ( sort like ice cream) and my sister got a straberry frozen mystery It was covered in some sort of ice cream like substance and straberry cream then had red bean paste towards the centre, did I mention that I love photography and took some great pictures of them on my dads phone, unfortunatley they didn’t come up as good but heres what it look like.

My favorite sport is MMA (mixed martial arts). Its really fun and empowering and I like how when I tell most people that I do it that they are suprised and feel as though I proving sterio types wrong. I am currently a blue belt, I am four belts away from black belt. I started 3 years ago and am really enjoying it so far. My favorite submission would have to be the classic arm bar its were you (from multiple postions) tilt your opponent elbow outwards if done with enough force it can break your opponents arm. I also like the triangle choke its basically a 2 in 1 its a choke that includes and armbar inside of it.

Out of school I paricipate in girl guides ( similar to scouts just for girls only)  I’ve been doing it for 2 years and have already have gotten the peak acheivment  badge for my age group, and I recently went to a ceramony for all the guides who earnt the peak acheivement badge for their age group. It was really fun. Emily, Heidi and emma all go to girl guides as well. We all recently move up to the older unit and are really exited about it.

I have a adorable cat called Bubble she is super cute and is 2 and a half years old. I absalutley love cats they are the best.

I like drawing Kawaii stle drawings  (Kawaii means cute in japanese), I’ve filled up a whole book with it, I paticularly like drawing kawaii food like chocolates, hot dogs and watermelons.



I am really exited for this year and I can’t wait for the fun to begin!!

From Lexi


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