My literacy circles reflection on the giver

My literacy circles reflection on the giver

  • Written by Lois Lowery
  • 223 pages
  • 23 chapters
  • 9.5 stars
  • Fiction/ sci fi / futuristic
  • Characters (Jonas, Giver)
  • Setting- his community

I enjoyed this book as it was a  good insight on what life/ future could be like. Jonas lived an almost perfect life, but when he is selected as the receiver of memory (the memory of now days/ elsewhere as they call it, it all gets disrupted when he gets conflicting (good & bad) memory’s like (i.e war, ect). Him and the older receiver strongly feel that all should experience these memory. So Jonas decides to travel to elsewhere.

  • I thought overall this book was great 9.5 stars. One thing to work on maybe is to have a slightly less  abrupt ending.



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