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Month: November 2017

100wc (picture)

100wc (picture)

I know all,

yet I’m trapped.

I hear all,

but I’m yet to speak.

I see all,

yet I live in a world of darkness.

I’m rarely roam,

yet you tend to always fall into my traps.

You feel me coming,

yet you don’t hear or see me.

I known by all,

yet no one has met me.

I lived for hundreds of years,

but I’m yet to age.

I’m always lurking,

yet I rarely strike.

You might think you know who I am,

The boogie man,

The monster lurking under your bed,

no I am fear, fear it self.





Transition session #1 100WC but where would we hide it all

Transition session #1 100WC but where would we hide it all

But where would we hide it all the streamers the balloons and what about all the presents!!! A surprise party is not a surprise party if it’s not a surprise!! Jenny was turning 10, her first double digits, this party had to be BIG, and when I say big I mean huge  ! We had invited all of her closest friend, i.e 50 people, all fifty of them, and did we mention her huge ( and I mean huge) family, cousin bill, uncle tom and what about granny Fiona . Also we haven’t made the chocolate cake yet and the party is tomorrow, tomorrow!

My school captain speech

My school captain speech

(I forgot to post this a while ago)



Dear all reading,

I’m Alexia, and have been going to this fantastic school since prep and since then I have made many great memories and many great experiences here and would love to lead this wonderful school.

Some previous roles I have had are SRC for 2 consecutive years, I have been part of green team for 3 years as well, and have been a chicken monitor .I play the cello in the MIVIMP program. I also am involved in girl guides (similar to scouts), and have had leadership roles there, were I help younger kids and organise activities. I participated in tournaments of minds in year 3 and 4. These roles help me to a better more committed and responsible leader and will help me if I become school captain.

Firstly, I think being organised is a crucial part of being a successful school captain so you can be more prepared for the unexpected. I have had many opportunities to develop my organizational skills within my school life and other extracurricular activities.

Recently I helped organise pyjama day with the SRC and raised $364. The success of this fundraiser depended on the students in SRC preparing well and staying organised.  I had to remind my class of important things to remember, had to attend and participate in regular meetings and had to take notes and share them with my class and report back to the SRC. Something I’ve learnt is that when organising an event note taking is very important if you want to stay organised. On the day everything went to plan thanks to our great organizational skills. I try and use my diary regularly because it helps me stay on track and helps me remember all the things I have to do in the near future. I feel like having a diary and using it is compulsory if you want to be a successful school captain.

Secondly a vital part of being school captain is having great communication skills. You have to be able to communicate with people younger and older than you, at school and in the wider community and you need to be able to talk to kids, adults and teachers. I do this out of school weekly when I participate in girl guides, I help guide kids from ages 6 to 11 through activities.

Another example of this is in tournaments of minds. Last year my team were interrupting each other, wouldn’t listen, would talk over each other and would not pay attention. I had to find ways to make our group better and for everyone to contribute.  We talked as a group and everyone shared their ideas and said something about what they think could change. If we hadn’t of done this people wouldn’t be able to contribute their ideas and wouldn’t have of felt like their ideas had been heard. I learnt sometimes it can be hard to get your message across when everyone else is trying to do the same thing. I also learnt one of the fairest and most effective ways to make decisions is to vote.  In the end we made it work my group and I succeeded and had a great time.

Thirdly I am open and enthusiastic towards new learning experiences and to challenging myself. Whenever I’m put in a challenging situation I try my hardest to make the most of it. New learning excites me because I will be able to try something new and will and develop new skills for the future.

I started Girl Guides just over a year ago and since then have earnt many badges and have recently received my junior BP which is one of the highest badges for my age group. This badge involves challenging yourself and completing a number of tasks. An example would be, when I made up and lead a game to younger, newer guides to teach them about the guide law (a set of rules we try and follow). This required me to plan, organise and deliver it in a way that was engaging to younger guides. I also try and set myself daily, weekly and monthly goals, so I can try and be more productive and to challenge myself whenever possible.

If I were to be elected as school captain I would thoroughly enjoy the new opportunities and challenges that come with this role.

Lastly, another skill I feel I have is being a good role model, this is extremely important as school captain because all of the younger kids will look up to you during assemblies and in just day to day school life, you need to set a good example. I try and do this in and out of school.

One example is in guides, because I am one of the older more experienced guides, I have to try and set a good for the newer guides. Because I’m one of the leaders for my group I have to try and set a good example. From experience I have learnt that if you’re setting a good example people are 10 times more likely to listen to you. This is very important as a school captain running assemblies. You need to try and set a good example in stressful situations, I feel like I am capable of doing this.


I hope you see some of the useful qualities I have if were to be voted as your school captain.

Kind regards, Alexia Kyriacou



But were would we hide it all, the gun, the body, the  knife. We had never meant to kill her, we were just protecting ourselves. It was over and done with before had known what happened. I remember pulling the trigger and hearing a defining bang.   Even now the memories are still clear and vivid in my mind, I hear screams, gunshots and cries of pain. I remember the mortifying sight of her eyes rolling to the back of her head. I can’t comprehend it, what will we do??

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