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Month: September 2017



It was the latest news, scientists bottling rainbows!

My dad was working on bottling rainbows, and it was on the news! But they had said it had failed miserably this can’t be true, can it?

“Dad is it really true, about you miserably failing when trying to bottle rainbows,” I said.

“Well yes and no, … yes, we tried to bottle to much rainbow at once and then it just…. exploded,” he replied.

“Can you try again?” I asked.

“Well we kind of have to move on,” he said.

“But you can’t just stop,” I replied.

2 years later

” Scientists have successfully  bottled rainbows!” said the news reporter.


100wc (Giant picture)

100wc (Giant picture)

” Today was the first day we had actual proof of giants spotted in england,” Said the news reporter.

I was peacefully watching the daily news while eating my dinner when I heard loud thumping sounds coming from my backyard. I quickly dashed to the backdoor. To my shock I saw the impossible, a giant! I tried to catch up to it but it made a disapproving and scared sound.It all clicked I clicked I remembered the news. I tried to catch up to it but it got away, the giant had left me with 2 huge footprints.

100WC Then Suddenly it went Dark

100WC Then Suddenly it went Dark

I was happy as can be, walking my dog in the park. I cheerfully patted him on back, then suddenly it went dark, it was as if someone had just turned of the sun! It was a solar eclipse, apparently these were supposed to be once in a blue moon experiences! I was trying to make the most of it but my dog was barking like crazy, and I tried to cheer him up by giving him a treat. It wasn’t working, then all of the sudden the sky was light  again. Thank goodness!

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