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Day: August 19, 2017

Character Analysis

Character Analysis


All we know is he is a cat with fairly large ears.

They had a young boy with them and he came down to see me. He sat down by me and told me I had very big ears.

Towards the start we begin to relies he is some form of animal. We know this from how he acts and how comfortable he is in the outdoors.  Then at the end we find out he is cat from what the young boy (Ethan) says,

“Come on Sammie, here puss puss.

I don’t think there were any major changes in his physical form. I think being a cat is an important part of the story. I don’t he cares much about how he looks.

In my head I had imagined him to be a ginger cat. What colour did you think he was?


I think being a cat he is a lot smarter than other animals around him. I think if he was smarter he would have not been kicked out of his owner’s home and he probably would care more about being kicked out. But I think being a cat he is relatively dumb compared to the family in the story.


I had to walk around at night to get food for myself. People left food out at their back doors and I knew exactly where to go and find it.


I feel like this story is very fictional in the way the cat thinks in the story.  I think he is smart to have not gotten himself killed and not to have gotten run over by a car. I also think it smart of him to know where and how to find food



Overall he feels very well looked after. I think at the start he is not particularly happy because he got kicked out by his owner, but towards the end he gets a lot happier because of meeting the new family and he feels like he has a home. He feels like he truly has a home at the end, we can tell by how natural he acts.

They have become my forever family.




I sleep on his bed every night.

 He cares a lot about Ethan (the boy) we can from the last line.

“Come on Sammie, here puss puss puss. Come in, its cold outside.” And when he arrives home every afternoon he picks me up and cuddles me. He is worth purring for.


I feel like this cat is very resilient because he is still optimistic when he doesn’t have a home and when the family comes along that’s just a bonus for him.



He gets along the best with Ethan (the young boy) in the text. Sammie (the cat) chooses the family as his friends because they were kind enough to let him in.

He seemed nice and I heard his mum saying that I looked hungry. Soon after they left and came back with some food for me.


Then I saw the family.

The mum came in with a big comfortable looking box with a fluffy blanket in it.

I knew when the family all stood and looked at me that they wanted me to get inside the box. I jumped right in. Wow, I thought, I have a nice kind family. They all moved in that day.


These two paragraphs show how much they care about him. I feel like on the social ladder he feels like he at the top but really he is towards the bottom.

Of course I rule the roost, after all, I was here first, but I have no complaints.


Him having a family has a huge effect in the story because he doesn’t have to live outside in the cold.



I feel like this character wants to do great things in life and wants to be the best he can be. I feel like he just wants to do well in life and make the right choices, this effects how he looks at opportunities. If he wants to do well in life I think he will make the right choices. And will live a positive happy life.

I also think he is a very grateful cat and doesn’t take things for granted.

Wow, I thought, I have a nice kind family.

100WC Sea lions

100WC Sea lions

I think it’s very important we look after sea lions as their population is declining in Australia at 14,700  . This is due to us polluting their waters and due too climate change .  They are currently endangered in Australia.

Did you know?

1- They can swim up to 40 kph

2- Can live between 20-30 years

3-  Females weigh between 95 – 181 kg

4- Males weigh between 270 – 360 kg

5 – They eat many fish some are anchovies and herring samon



  • The sea lions scientific name is Otariinae
  • Babies sea lions are called pups



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