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Day: August 6, 2017

Youtube vs Netflix

Youtube vs Netflix

YouTube is by far my favorite over Netflix. Trust me its sooo much better.

YouTube is free compared to Netflix  which can be up to 40$ a month, YouTube has the same amount of content if not more. For us kids we can barely scrape out 5$ from our parents, how can we afford up to 40$ a month!

Also YouTube has a much wider range, from entertainment to how to fix a laptop (you can’t get that on Netflix). There are constantly new things on youtube, some youtubers upload everyday. YouTube 50 times as much content as Netflix possibly more.

YouTube is educational! I know my teacher puts on a lot of YouTube videos. You can learn how to train your dog or how to fix a car. Its so easy to find new information on YouTube.

Its  a no brainer, YouTube is my favorite, is it yours?

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