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Day: August 5, 2017

Flash ” But then the flash” 100wc

Flash ” But then the flash” 100wc

It was school picture day, dreaded school picture day. It was my turn, the stupid thing was, once they had taken your picture that was it they would not take it again. So I tried to look cool and do cool pose, but the then  flash made me sneeze!

” Please take another shot PLEASEEEEE,” I begged.

“Next.” he said in a stern voice like he was used to people like me. Why me,  why can’t be cool and have a cool yearbook photo.

So the annoying camera  flash made me sneeze and have by far the worst year book photo.

By the way the story was exactly 100 words!

Joseph bryant refflection

Joseph bryant refflection

1 Themes are abstract nouns.

The main concepts of this story are; loss, love, friendship illness & death. You can clearly see it when Charlotte finds out he has cancer:

But I soon snapped back into reality once Joseph told me that he had cancer. 

“Oh my goodness, congratulations Joey!”

She clearly didn’t know what he meant.

2 Themes are important human issues. 

The important human issue in this is the importance of finding a cure for cancer. After reading this the author wants you to think about what it’s like to be in her shoes, what its like to grieve and loose someone you love. You can see were the author wants you to see this when:

And Joseph Bryant, my fifth grade sweetheart, is the reason why I know the true definition of love.

The first line is represents the idea of the importance of love.

3  Stories apply to many readers

I think the concept in this story that applies to many readers would be loss everyone has lost something. Also the people who truly connect with this story would people in a relationship, people who have experienced death of someone close and more mature people. you can see this when:

I would not ever cry more than I did that night. Loving someone that is gone forever is one of the hardest things you can do.

People who have experienced  this kind of loss will get something out of this story that others won’t .

Events represent ideas

I think there are 2 main figurative concepts  in this text:

Make the most of things when you have them

Don’t take anything for granted.

Its clear here; Three years went by. Three painful years of visiting Joseph every single day in the hospital. Well, almost everyday; sometimes he was too sick for me to visit.  The idea of love really ties into the whole story.  I think everybody  can relate to those 2 things deeply.

 5 Experience evolves in patterns

The repeating pattern in this text is how she continues to visit him most days in hospital even though his conditions continue to decline

He struggled and watching him struggle was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. But towards the end, I could see him slowing down.  

You can tell how much she cares about him from this pattern of visiting everyday even though she knows its getting worse.

6 Fiction is instructional

The message on  the theme loss, would be you never know what its like to loose something until you’ve lost it. The message on the topic of love  would be, it always hurts to loose someone no matter how long you love them. And the message for friendship, would be a true friend cares for you in the darkest of times

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