Read like a reader story 1

Read like a reader story 1


I predicted  when the teacher made her were the jumper she would cry and I was right. There are a lot of predictions to be made about the teacher and the students.

2- Question

In this book you could ask a lot of questions about the characters around her like why did Sylvia Saldivad choose to say it was Rachels, or  how  did the sweater get there?


You can infer that that Rachel was mad at but also thankful that  Phyllis Lopez owned up to owning the jumper. There are a lot of inferences to be made about how she feels

4- Connect

I think everyone can connect with this story because I don’t think anyone feels their age on their birthday, and shes right when she says you can cry like your 2 when your 22.

5 – Feel

I think everyone feels her pain in the story when the teacher makes her were the sweater. You feel her embarrassment.  The writer make this story emotional and meaningful.


My evaluation

This story was good because meaningful and people could connect to it. I would recommend this short story to other people. 4/5 stars. This book is interesting.

2 thoughts on “Read like a reader story 1

  1. Hi Lexi,
    I thought that this text you wrote using the read like a reading form was really good. I thought that for the questions you could have added a bit moe but other than that great work!

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