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Read like a writer story 2

Read like a writer story 2


Is it just me or does this book remind you of witches. I think the book is a take on witches, how its okay to be different and if you don’t like something you should do something you like even if its a bit cheeky.


I think in this story they followed the story mountain.  At the start they introduced how she was different and then towards the middle they talked about how it effected her at the end they found a solution to her problems and she found out about her past.


The voice in this story sounds stubborn childish, ignorant and also very mad. The voice in this story was clear and the writer did a really good job at showing what type of voice it was and was good at showing personality through voice.

Word choice

I think it was tier two language but I think it was still very descriptive. The word choice was great and hooked me into the story from the very start of the book.I definitely engaged.

Sentence fluency

The sentences flowed and there was a good mix of compound and complex sentences, you need both to have a good story and to make a story flow. The short sentences was mostly when Ania was talking.


This story was very well edited the grammar was good so was the spelling and punctuation. I could not find a single mistake through out the whole story . It was very good.

Read like a reader story 1

Read like a reader story 1


I predicted  when the teacher made her were the jumper she would cry and I was right. There are a lot of predictions to be made about the teacher and the students.

2- Question

In this book you could ask a lot of questions about the characters around her like why did Sylvia Saldivad choose to say it was Rachels, or  how  did the sweater get there?


You can infer that that Rachel was mad at but also thankful that  Phyllis Lopez owned up to owning the jumper. There are a lot of inferences to be made about how she feels

4- Connect

I think everyone can connect with this story because I don’t think anyone feels their age on their birthday, and shes right when she says you can cry like your 2 when your 22.

5 – Feel

I think everyone feels her pain in the story when the teacher makes her were the sweater. You feel her embarrassment.  The writer make this story emotional and meaningful.


My evaluation

This story was good because meaningful and people could connect to it. I would recommend this short story to other people. 4/5 stars. This book is interesting.

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