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Project refflection

Project refflection





Sec 1

I did  a project on budgerigars and their adaptations with rowan, we did a power point, a model, a diagram and a experiment in the time frame of 2 weeks.

I think I did a well when working on my project. I  think my power point was informative and relevant to fact it was meant to be about adaptations, it think we did a good job including  Navigational features– Bibliography that includes more that 3 sources correctly set out; Headings and subheadings that assist in navigation of text; Glossary includes definitions of all tier 3 language.I think  we were creative when doing our model because we didn’t use clay like everybody else and still made it interesting. I liked our diagram it was realistic and colorful.  Also when drawing it I think we  carefully drew the diagram that uses labels to identify and explain key adaptations that are central to your species survival in the desert. Overall I think that I did a great job.

Three facts 

  • I found it surprising that in such a small amount of time we made such a detailed power point.
  • I was surprised that rowan and I worked so well together.
  • It was funny because when we chose our animal or plant we had no idea what the budgerigar  was  or even if it was plant or a animal.

Two understandings

  • I was very efficient.
  • That working in a pair can be difficult at times  


What would it be like if I got a different partner?


sec 2

Through out the term I learnt a lot (When doing the experiments and learning about camel adaptations). I think I learnt most when I was researching and working on my project because I had no clue what the budgerigar was before I started. I liked doing the class experiments I learnt a lot when I was doing them and they were really fun. `I liked how we actually did stuff and how it was interactive.  I also learnt a  ton of  stuff at the aquarium about adaptations of sea animals and animals in colder climates

This term I learnt a lot about adaptations and it was fun and I enjoyed doing my project and I think it was the best it could be.








How to make slime

How to make slime

          What you need

  • bowl 
  • something to mix with
  • liquid detergent 3-4 table spoons 
  • liquid PVA glue half a cup
  • glitter (optional)
  • food colouring (optional)


  • 1  pour glue into a bowl
  • 2 mix until you can see slight bubbles in the glue
  • 3  pour small amount of detergent in at a time
  • 4 mix vigorously and add glitter and food colouring 
  • 5  knead well



BTN Ear less dragon

BTN Ear less dragon

  • Insight Recalls Question 
  • The ear less dragon is very rare and endangered.
  • Kid in a school in Canberra are making clay models.
  • They are putting the out the models and are seeing if their harmed,if not they’ll put them real ones their to try and rebuild their population. W
  • Why are they endangered?
  • Has it been working? 
  • We have to look after animals it’s very important.
Tic Tock it’s a frozen clock 2

Tic Tock it’s a frozen clock 2

Tick, tock it’s a frozen clock




Written and published by Eloise and Alexia

“Help, help!” I scream. I grab my phone ready to call the police. I tap on the
keyboard and slowly dial 0__0________________*. Before I could dial the last
number I felt a gush of wind behind me. I turn around. But before I could do
anything my window smashed and who or what escaped.

I ran into the living room and on the table lay a pocket watch the weird thing
was the hands weren’t moving. All of a sudden the face of the clock cracked. I
turned around to see someone in a black cloak behind me. “Why are you here? What
do you want?”

“I want the pocket watch.” he said firmly. I picked it up, it started vibrating
in my hands and the hands of the clock started to move.

“No!” said the man in the cloak. “It’s too late!” the TV started and I heard the
faint tick, tock of the clock again. I went to check on parents and they seemed
to be fine, or so I thought…

Tic Tock it’s frozen clock 1

Tic Tock it’s frozen clock 1

Tick, Tock it’s a frozen clock


Written and published by

Eloise and Alexia

I wake up in the middle of the night to a tall, dark, hooded figure dashing out
of my room. I chase it down the long corridor, down the stairs but all I see is
the door slamming shut in my face. Should I wake my parents? I ask myself. I
walk into the kitchen and glance at the clock it’s flickering between 12:00 and
12:01. I walk into the living room and switch on the TV, its frozen! I grabbed
my phone, the same thing was happening, it was flickering between 12:00 and
12:01. What’s going on?

I try and search the web for how to fix a clock. Great! The internet’s down!

All of a sudden the power goes out!  I use my phone as a torch, go outside and
try playing around with the switch box, still nothing!

I go back inside to wake up my parents. I open the bedroom door. ”Mum, Dad,
someone broke into our house!” I walk towards them to realise that there faces
are frozen in time.

I turned down the corridor towards my bedroom. To my shock I see something
written on my wall. My eyes adjusted to the darkness, its blood! I read the
words aloud. It read:

Tick, tock it’s a frozen clock…

to be continued.

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