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Month: April 2017

Polar Ice Caps Melting

Polar Ice Caps Melting

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-In the late 18th century sailors wanted to get from Europe to China but the didn’t want to have to sail around all the contents to get to china so they took the north passage(a passage through the north pole).

– It turn out the ice was to thick back then to travel through.

– Hundreds of sailors died.

– Will scientists and if so when will they do something about the polar ice caps melting?

-What cane we do about the ice caps melting?

– My insight was that the ice caps are melting rapidly and we must do something about it before its to late.


Stuck up in the tree

Stuck up in the tree

This was the stunt that was going to make me coolest kid in school I was drive my mums car of a ramp do a three-sixty and land it. Today is my day to make history, I drive the car up the ramp 90 KMS/ph. My heart is pounding if I land this I will be forever known if I don’t I’ll die. The wheels leave the ramp, I’m flying!

“James, James!” the whole crowd is chanting my names I suddenly realize their not chanting my name to cheer me on, their chanting my name to warn me about the tree I’m heading towards.

I’m stuck up in the tree.

100wc The wall

100wc The wall

I was doing my homework one evening when suddenly I heard a cracking sound.  I turned around to see something or someone morphing out of the wall I could start to see a boy morphing out of my wall. The boy walked towards me.

“H, h, hello,”  I mumbled.

“Hi I’m Morph I’m a superhero I can morph into anything I’ve come to collect you, we’ve been watching you, your a budding superhero.”

“Me a superhero?” I asked.

“You’ve got super-speed,” Morph said.

I glanced at all of my cross country awards.

“Well come will me,” morph said.

And that’s how I became a superhero.

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