Month: November 2016

Enemy pie


             -Enemy’s head

             -Enemy fingers

             -Enemy brains

– Slugs






1 Chop of Enemy’s head. 

2 Wisk everything together.

3 Throw in oven for 2 hours at 800,000 degrees.

4 Feed to your mum.



100wc – vampire cafè

“Ding,” went the door bell, a family of vampires entered the vamp café.

“Jessie what do you want to order this time?” asked the young vampires mother.

“My favorite, bloodachino!” she exclaimed.

“James what about you?” she asked.

“‘l’ll have scream cheese,” James told his mum.

“One scream cheese and a bloodachino please,” said the mother.

“One scream cheese  and bloodachino coming right up,” said the waitress.

“Here’s your food kid’s,” said their mother.

The blood trickled down the side of the cup, a screeching noise came from James’ scream cheese it soon quietened down as James took a bite, & Jessie’s lips were blood red.

It’s midnight time to go.



Simile Acronyms




  Loyal as a dog

  Expertise as an expert

 eXcellent as Tay Tay

   Incredible as superwoman



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