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Month: August 2016

Dairy of an invisable girl

Dairy of an invisable girl


20th of July 2016

Day 1 at my new school. I feel like I’m a tiny speck in the middle of a huge sea I, am, invisible.

Annoyingly we start our Monday mornings with P.E, I know Ugg, and we’re playing dodge ball as usual I am the first one out, then two other girls, one seems really smart, the other seems a bit well, CRAZY but otherwise look like they could be my friends. Mini dance party in my head, mini dance party in my head, mini dance party in my headdddd. So, the moment of truth, “H, h, hi I I I’m Lucy” I stammer shyly. “Hi I’m Janny this is Alisson” Janny says pulling her friend out of computer mode. “She’s smart I’m crazy and that’s why people usually laugh when we ask to be friends,” Janny says faster than I can comprehend. All of the sudden we all blurt out “Can we be friends”

“PAY ATTENTION” our stupid P.E teacher yells.



At recess we sit down under a shady tree and ask questions about each other.

“So tell me one word that describes you,” Allison integrated.

“Shy,” I reply.

“So who’s your crush Lucy” Janny Asked.

“Dr…” I half say.

Then Madison appears.

“So who’s your crush Lucy?” Maddison says.

“D, D, Dr…”








Read next book to find out who her crush is.

It could be Dradin or Draco or Drew.

News report on the olypics

News report on the olypics

Last night our aussie champ Mack Horton claimed us a gold medal Also breaking a world record for 400m frestyle. “It takes more than just talent to win gold it takes training and ditermination,” he states after the game. ” I could’nt see who had won but all of the sudden i heard a rour from the aussie fans from bellow then i knew my Mack had won,” Mrs Horton said. his girlfriend Ella was over the moon to see he had won.

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