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My progect Enviro-juice

My progect Enviro-juice

Happy body Happy planet Happy you
What is the
Imagine, great tasting juice that’s also great for your body and the environment. Let’s face two things we all want, to be heathy and want to live in a heathy planet. Well Enviro-juice has combined those two things. It uses environment friendly ingredients and is guaranteed to lead to a happier heathier you. Also the packaging is completely biodegradable and reusable so I guess it’s a win, win.

Worldwide environment juice
73 juice street in juice town
Environment friendly juice

The great packaging
As I mentioned earlier the packaging is completely biodegradable and fully reusable. And is proven that if an animal has eaten it, the packaging will dissolve in their digestive system which is really good for Animals.
How I got the genius idea
It was the day after my school fete all I could see was litter on the ground, then I thought why not create a great tasting juice that is good for your body and the planet. I was shocked how my friends could be so dumb to drink all of coke, seriously they were not a pretty thing to look at after they had all that coke.

Why is it so darn good?
Well, we have been left with so many natural sweeteners, but they have never really been used properly. Enviro-juice has been the first company to use these sweeteners such as apple and watermelon. We have found a formula to make it taste good whilst still being heathy and not using anything non organic.
The many vitamins it has
It has so many vitamins it’s hard to keep track on how many there are in the juice. I can name a few like Iodine, vitamins A B and C, and calcium. I have conducted an experiment were instead of having daily juice an average family switched to Enviro-juice and lost 34 kilos in three months.
“Enviro-juice changed my family’s life for the better, I can’t believe as a family we lost 86 kilos,” stated the mother of three

I have surveyed 300 people and 86% said they would buy it again.
• People loved the packaging
• Loved the flavor
• Impressed by how much organic products were in it
About the creator
Alexia kyriacou, otherwise known as the genius who had the idea of Enviro-juice. She has hobbies in drawing, writing and marketing. She is hoping to be an environment conservationist. She lives in Victoria and goes to Moonee Ponds Primary School

Contact Us
Worldwide environment juice
73 Juice street in juice town
0423 888 787
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