Month: May 2016

100 Word Challenge

I’m sprinting,running,running! I can feel the sweat pouring off my head. I feel my foot slip, but I get back up! I see the Finish line,I am so close. I have to do this for Lawson! I turn around to see three people behind me. It feels like I have been doing this for hours but I bet it’s only been two minutes. And this is only my first event,seriously! I just want to stop, chug down some coke and eat some chips. I’ve made it,finally,yes!



In Japan there are lot of temples,sushimi shops(sushimi is raw fish it’s really yum),markets and Bikers.One of the surprising things was that there were tons of ice cream shops😋.

A traditinal thing to were is a kimonoe search it up,I don’t know how to put pics on.A plant you see a lot there is a cherry blossom tree,heard of them?

A Festival IN Japan would be festival of lanterns were you lunch a lantern in the sky.

Hope this teached you about Japan!😊

Welcome everyone!

Hi I’m Alexia this is my blog,well obviously.I hope you like.My next post will be about Japan a resent place I have been to,


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